Generation Two: Pello: Chapter One

Generation 2: Pello Slughorn
Chapter One: Letters From Home

“She drove erratically that day and she never made it home………..”

I snapped the book shut and pitched it across my room, causing the book to ricochet off the door and fall face open on the floor.  How dare they write this stuff about my mother? What gave them the right?  Oh I forgot it has the word unauthorized in the title so that gives them the right. I didn’t need to finish it, I had lived it.

I heard one crisp, clear knock on the door as Parley burst through,  “What was that noise?”

I looked at my once sweet and kind sister with a look of annoyance.  “Get out Parley!”

She noticed the book on the floor and swooped it up.  “The Unauthorized Story of Octavia Slughorn.”  She read the spine of the book and then tossed it onto my nearby desk.  An unnatural laugh escaped her lips and she cocked her hip and looked back in my direction.  “You finally decide to read that nonsense?”   It came out more like an accusation then a question, but that is what my sister had become; a cold, sarcastic young woman who would soon be a teenager.

“Parley, I’m not in the mood for you today.  Get the hell out of my room!”  I rose to my knees and pointed to the door.  Since our mother died I had always tried to be the encouraging older brother, but there were times she pushed my nerves to the core and today was one of them.

She stood her ground with her hands crossed over her chest and I sank back down on my bed.  Just then Cherry Tree, Cherry for short, my dog bound into the room making sure she brushed Parley’s leg before jumping onto the bed next to me.

Parley let out a disgusted cry, “Stay away from me you mangy mongrel.”  My whole room shook as she slammed the door behind her.

I looked over at Cherry and saw in her eyes that she wanted something from me, but unlike my father’s request, her’s was doable and reasonable.  I reached over and began running my fingers though the soft fur on top of her head.  Her stare eased, signaling me that she had forgiven me for shutting her out of my room; since I found her she had been by my side and that is where she is happiest.  She laid her head on my knee and I pulled both my hands behind my head and laid back into my pillow.  I had a big decision to make and I had to make is soon.

I just recently turned sixteen and with that, as the old saying goes, comes great responsibility.  After all my party guests left my father, in one of his lucid moments, sat me down and asked me to take on a great task.  He began by explaining to me that Octavia had set out to create a legacy out of the Slughorn name; one where people would hear the name and admire it and be able to take life lessons from.  He went on to tell me that she had decided that she had wanted me to carry on this legacy, and my dad wanted to know if I would take on that challenge.

I didn’t know what to say and I could see it in my dad’s eyes that he didn’t expect an answer right away.  “Can I let you know by Parley’s birthday?”

He nodded his head and patted my knee and as he stood up he said to me, “Nobody would be upset if you don’t want to do this.”

Those words rang in my ears as I lay on my bed trying to decided what to do. As I lay there memories of the past flooded my thoughts.


The funeral was a big deal in Riverview everyone who was everyone showed up but only a select few had been allowed to go past the iron gates of the cemetery to say good-bye to Octavia Slughorn as the rest of the crowd waited outside  praising her life and inconsolably crying.

Most of the grief-stricken were family and a few close friends.  Pax and his two girls were there, and despite the rivalry the two women had going most of the time to win Pax’s affection they put that aside to be there for the man they both loved wholeheartedly.

Percy brought along with his steady Margo, and as he stood at the gravesite he could not muster any tears for his departed mother.  His heart was crushed and he felt lost without her, but the tears just would not come.  Margo just rubbed his back and whispered in his ear that everything would be okay.

Firefly still kept her distance from Porter, but was there with the girls to allow them to say good-bye to their grandma.  Porter’s heart was heavier than most at the funeral for he was dealing with a double loss.  He was not allowed to be with the woman he loved and the woman who had raised him when the man who shared his DNA abandoned him was now gone.  The only comfort he could find was in Robin and Ana and he tried to rejoice in the blessing he had in his girls.

Parley struggled and felt lost.  She was the only female of the Slughorn clan and she didn’t know how she would cope without her mother.  Without a woman to guide her through all the things she needed to learn.  All of us tried to be there for her in the days that followed mom’s death but the only one she seemed to respond to was my best friend and the boy she use to find annoying, Midori Sour.  I watched as he held a protective arm around my sister and I just knew she would be okay with him in her life.

Even Danger and Misty Zone were there.  My father was so against them attending, but Danger convinced him he had a right to be there since he and Octavia had three sons together.  Misty acted as if she had lost her best friend.  I didn’t understand her reaction because she and mom hadn’t been friends for years.

I stood with my dad, Kyle Slughorn, and when I wasn’t looking around to make sure my siblings were okay I was looking up at his face and it killed me to see the anguish there.  Truthfully was just avoiding looking at the coffin that held my mom, but I also did want to make sure my family was holding up.

At the end of the service Father Thomas called on Parley.  It had been requested by my father that Parley sing the departing song.  When he had asked her to do it she just shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room and never brought it up again, but now when it was time to step in front of everyone she froze in her spot.

“I can’t do it.”  I heard her whisper.

I watched as Midori pulled her tight against his chest and wrap his arms protectively around her.  He whispered something in her ear and waited for her reply.  She wiped the tears from her eyes and stepped out of his shield of protection and took her place in front of mom’s coffin.

She cleared her throat and tried to sing, but the only thing that came out was a strange croaking noise.  She bowed her head and wiped more tears from her eyes.  After a few seconds she tried again:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me….
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

T’was Grace that taught…
my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear…
the hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares…
we have already come.
T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far…
and Grace will lead us home.

The Lord has promised good to me…
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be…
as long as life endures.

Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
and mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil,
a life of joy and peace.

When we’ve been here ten thousand years…
bright shining as the sun.
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise…
then when we’ve first begun.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me….
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

If there had been a dry eye before she opened her mouth to sing there wasn’t after.  Her voice was soothing and sweet and the song summed everything up.

The house after the funeral was a mad house.  Many of those that weren’t allowed in the cemetery showed up with casseroles, and breads and really what they wanted was a glimpse of the inside.  They wanted something to gossip about, something to criticize and something to be jealous about.  Most got what they wanted especially after the book came out.

Firefly didn’t stay but she dropped the girls off and Porter spent his time finding comfort in them.  He hugged them, played with them and fed them lunch and was thankful that he didn’t have to just sit there in a crowd of people he barely knew thinking about what his family had lost.

The rest of us pretty much found our own thing to do.  Parley and Midori were out back sitting on the swings, Pax, Jade and Bluebell were busy in the kitchen putting away food and serving some as well.  Percy and Margo were held up on the couch talking in low voices amongst themselves and dad was desperately trying to avoid the single women that were now hunting him out.  I found myself in a chair with the family photo album on my lap.  The day seemed to drag on forever.


Two months after we buried Octavia we Slughorn’s had our first birthday.  It wasn’t a very festive day.  There was no cake, no balloons and really no presents.  I felt bad, but when I asked Percy about it he told me he was fine with how it all went down.  Lucky for him he has a great gal in Margo and she took him for a picnic lunch in the park.  Dad asked Percy to stick around for a while to help him take care of the three of us left at home and he agreed.

Dad hadn’t been doing well since mom died.  He was growing distant from us and wasn’t providing for us as he did in the past and a month later when the “The Unauthorized Story of Octavia Slughorn” came out he just about shut down completely.  The whole town turned their backs on our family when that awful book came out.

It didn’t take long for us to be the talk of the town and not in a good way either.  Soon the kids in school started to torment Parley. They would have done the same to me, but I had Midori and I just didn’t care what they thought so when they saw that their teasing didn’t affect me they got bored with it and stopped, but Parley was a different story.  She didn’t really have any friends, well except for Midori who was my age and in a different class, and she was very sensitive and the slightest things would set her emotions off.

Even though my dad had pretty much tuned out when Parley came home from school upset something made him pay attention to that and finally he had, had enough.  It was decided that we would move.  For the first time since mom died he became active in researching the best place for our family and plans were made.  Months past and it was decided we would move to Appaloosa Plains.  The house in Riverview became Percy’s and since Porter had kids he opted to stay with Percy until he was legal to move out on his own, which would be soon after we moved.

Moving day came and all of our belongs were packed tight in a moving van in front of the house.  It was time to say our good-byes and be on our way.  The house was full with family and friends and many hugs, I love you and good lucks were being tossed around, but Parley was nowhere in the mix of things.  She hadn’t liked the torture of the other school kids, but she didn’t want to move.  She didn’t want to leave her brothers, nieces but most importantly she didn’t want to leave Midori.

Midori noticed that she was not there and went out back to look for her.

“There you are.”  She wiped away tears as he took her hand.  “Come on we need to get you back to say your good-bye’s.”  He tried to lead her back but she pulled against him forcing him to stop. She just stared at him.

He moved closer to her and brushed her cheek with his hand.  “It will be okay. There’s skype, email and texting I will always be there for you Par.”

She lowered her chin and gazed at the grass.  “It isn’t the same.”  Her voice was weak and hallow.

“I know but we will make do.”

He leaned forward and sweetly kissed her cheek.  “Now come on your dad will be looking for you.”

“You’re going to forget all about me when I leave.  You are going to find some pretty, normal girl and fall madly in love and I will be but a memory.”  Parley sobbed against Midori’s back.

Midori slowly turned around and looked her in her eyes.  “You’re such a silly girl.  Do you know that?  Did I let the fact that you found me annoying stop me from getting to know you?  No!  I’m not about to let distance stop us from knowing each other.  So stop being silly and get in the house and say good-bye to your family.”

Twenty minutes later the three of us were pulling away from my childhood home heading for a new adventure in Appaloosa Plains, or A.P. as I now call it.

All these memories came flooding back to me as I lay there trying to decide if I should take on the legacy of the Slughorn’s and these memories are what helped me decided and my decision was yes….yes I would take on the task my father asked me to do.  Yes I would move the Slughorn name in the path of goodness…Yes I will be Octavia’s heir.


That was three days ago and as heir I should bring you up to date with what has happened to the Slughorn’s since we moved to A.P. and the best way to do that is by sharing some of the key letters or should I say emails, we have received from home.


Dearest Family,
There has been a lot of change in my life since you three moved to Appaloosa Plains and it is so hard to know where to start. Soon after your move Jade found out she was pregnant. It came as a huge shock to as all for part of our arrangement was to be careful and I mean it when I say we were.

We had a family meeting about it and it was decided that nothing had really changed and we would raise the baby together. Yes the three of us. There are all kinds of families out there so why not create our own unique family. As long as the baby was raised in love what makes the difference, right? 

Other than being pregnant Jade is doing well with her flower shop. She is booking a lot of weddings and other formal events. Bluebell is also doing well with her job. She got a promotion at her office and she is in charge of her own department. Work for me is going about the same as when you left. I’m getting regular articles now, but it is still hard to become something when the town you live in still talks about the past and what they believe to be the truth. 

Until next time family be well. 
Love Pax, Bluebell and Jade

Dearest Family,

Since my last letter my life has been turned upside down. As you know when Antoine was born the four of us lived in harmony for a short time, but I found myself spending more time with Jade and Antoine and deep inside I started to have stronger feelings for her then Bluebell but I never let that on. I couldn’t do that to Bluebell, but she was no dummy and she could see and felt the shift in our family.

One morning I went to her bedroom to spend some time with her and she was gone. All her belongings has been removed and she had left a letter telling me how much she loved me but she couldn’t be a third, or in our case fourth, wheel anymore. She wished me a good life. I had tried to get a hold of her and she wouldn’t take my calls. Finally her family told me she left Riverview. It broke my heart to lose another person I loved, but I knew it was for the best.

As for Jade, Antoine and I we are one happy little family. Jade and I married in a small private wedding as Antoine stood by as witness. Jade’s flower shop is doing wonderful and I finally got my own column. Riverview has pretty much forgotten about Octavia, but from time to time you will hear her mentioned.

Until next time family be happy
Love Pax, Jade and Antoine.


Dear Kyle, Pello and Parley,

You are all really missed here in Riverview and I hope Appaloosa Plains is treating you well. Margo and I are doing well and are very happy together. Many still try to convince us we should get married, but why fix what isn’t broken. She and I are on the same page about marriage and we don’t find it necessary to be happy.

Margo is content to being an at home mom to our boys Gary and Grant. Once they start school she will go back to her decorating business, and I am doing well in the medical track.

Miss and Love you all
Percy, Margo, Gary and Grant



Yes it is me Porter.  This is me all grown up.  Yeah yeah I know I still look like a punk.  LOL 

So after I became an adult I did what everyone expected me to do.  I married the woman of my dreams Firefly Tuesday.  I counted my savings and booked tickets to Simvegas.  I marched right over to her house and the look of shock on her face was priceless.  She didn’t know what to say to my new-found age.  I grabbed her hand and began to drag her to my car, it is a good thing I had made arrangements with her mom to watch the girls.  Our wedding was fast and long overdue, but in our mind it was perfect.  We were able to spend three days there just being with each other. No judgment and no kids and then it was back home to be with our girls and to find a place to live.

When we got back to her house we found all of Oodee’s stuff packed and she handed me the deed to the farmhouse.  She told us this was her wedding gift to us and she wanted us to be happy.  She had already rented a little house on the edge of town and after we spent some time with her I helped her move to her new home.  She has been very happy there since and she comes over all the time and we are always glad to see her.  

So there you go Porter Slughorn, the town screw-up, is a married man. One who is committed to his family and so happy that his life worked out.  

Love Porter, Firefly, Robin and Ana



This is a quick letter to let you all know that we are doing well.

Ana and Robin are so grown up. They are both in ballet, but Ana also takes girl scouts.  They both miss you all greatly and send their love.

The Quads, Jefferson, Theresa, Jamil and Freddy are now toddlers. They keep Firefly and I very busy and we are always tired, but we wouldn’t change our life for anything. Theresa copies her big sisters when they practice their ballet and we know she will have to be enrolled soon. The boys are just rambunctious little boys always getting into things and are curious about everything.

We hope this email finds you all well
Love Porter, Firefly, Ana, Robin, Theresa, Jamil, Jefferson and Freddy

So that pretty much catches us up on my siblings back in Riverview.  As for us in A.P. we made a new life for ourselves.

It was a long trip to A.P. and by the time we arrived Parley had convinced herself that Midori would forget all about her and that he would break her heart more than it was already broken so to protect herself she cut ties with him.  She wouldn’t answer his emails, phone calls and other social media attempts to contact her.  Only through me was he able to keep tabs on her and during our discussions you could tell he wasn’t liking how things were going.  Slowly, without real friends she became distant, sarcastic, and snarky.  She kept to herself most of the time she is held up in her room drawing. Luckily she was maintaining good grades in school so there was a positive.

My dad has still been shut off to us.  He still does his fishing for money, but he forgets to take them to the market and I have to do that for him most of the time so we can maintain our bills and buy food.  I fear I may have to get a part-time job to help supplement the money he isn’t making because lately his catches have been small.  I’m not sure if it is from lack of trying or lack of fish.  He does have good days, but more bad than good.

As for me I spend most of my days caring for my family, making sure I do well in school and hanging out with my best friend, Cherry, who is a dog.  I found Cherry about a year after we moved to A.P.  She was raiding a tipped over garbage can and she was dirty and full of fleas.  There was just something in her sweet eyes and I just couldn’t walk away from her.  After a lot of coaxing she finally allowed me to approach her.  I found a tag on her beat-up collar that had a phone number on it.  I took her home, gave her some food and a bath and brushed her fluffy fur.  She was so grateful that she rested her head on my knee and looked up at me with those eyes of her’s and I was in love.  I almost didn’t call the number because I already couldn’t bear the thought of having to return her to her owner.  I did the right thing and sometimes doing the right thing pays off.  When the person on the other end picked up I was surprised by who the number belonged too.  It was famous Baby Challenge Mom Becks Best.  I told her I had her dog and she was so relieved.  She explained that she was in the process of moving and in between packing, keeping track of her kids and the litter of puppies Cherry Tree must have got out but she was really shocked that she had made it all the way to Appaloosa Plains.  She also explained that she was unable to keep the litter and had to find a new home for Cherry.  When she said that I asked her how much she wanted for her because I just knew in my heart that Cherry belonged with me.  Becks seemed to contemplate it for a moment and said,  “I can hear in your voice that you have taken a fancy to little Miss. Cherry.  She is already in your home and you were kind enough to take her in and care for her and to call me so I would like you to have her.  She is my gift to you Pello Slughorn.”  I was shocked and very grateful.  We ended the call with an agreement that I would give her updates on Cherry’s life.

So that is the life of the Slughorn’s over the past few years.  Tomorrow is Parley’s thirteenth birthday.  This should be oh so interesting.  Let the games begin.


Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter One

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter1


            This is Octavia Slughorn.  She is the founder of the Slughorn legacy.  Before I start in on the story I wanted to let you, the reader, know that I have never played a legacy before and I don’t really know the rules.  So I guess I am not playing with any rules other then the following: 1) No Cheats (unless I have to reset a sims for some reason) this rule could change, but as of right now I plan on playing this way.  2) The next generation heir/heiress will be the opposite sex of the one before.  So generation two will be lead by a male and if I don’t have one naturally adoption is an option.  3) The founder/heir must at least have two children and up to 6.  4) And each child has to start with the next letter in the alphabet from what the heir/heiress is.  For example all of Octavia’s children must begin with a P.

That is what I have so far.  If you, my reader, have any suggestions or tips on playing I would love to hear them.  You can find me on facebook under Ashby Lemi or you can leave me a comment here or email me at (enter email address).

Thank you

Now to the story.

            Octavia Slughorn grew up in a small rural town.  She is the twelfth child of Sabrina and Lenny Slughorn and her parents were very tired during her child and teen years.  Many of her siblings past her by, not because they didn’t like her, but because there were so many of them, the only family member that she seemed to bond to was her Great Aunt Gina.

When Octavia was seventeen her Great Aunt died and she found out that she had left her three bedroom farm house to her in Riverview.  She was sad at the passing of her aunt, but was thrilled of the prospect of a new life once she was eighteen.  The next year seemed to drag on.

The following year held many changes for Octavia.  She graduated from high school, she packed up what little she had, said goodbye to her parents and moved across the country to the big farming community of Riverview.



            The cab pulled up in front of a green farmhouse and the first thing Octavia noticed was the car sitting in front of the barn.  She prayed that it was in working condition because it would come in handy once she got a job.

All the furniture had been covered with sheets to keep the dust off, but the floors, walls, and everything else that couldn’t be covered had a thick layer of dust.  It was going to take some time to get this place in “living” condition.  Luckily she had been smart enough to call ahead of time and get the water and electric turned on.

Since she arrived in mid-morning she decided that the best thing to do would be to make sure the bedroom and bathroom was cleaned up before the rest of the house.  However, before she did that she took a tour of the house.  It was oddly decorated, but she knew that she could change that once she started to make some money.  In the barn she found many strange things.

“Why would an old woman want all these things?”  She thought to herself as she took inventory on three raido’s, a T.V., a sports car and two computers.  On the second floor of the barn were a reading room and some other activities.

She worked into the early evening and when her stomach began to rumble with hunger she assessed her funds.  After the move and the plane ticket she only had $127 left.  She made the decision that she could order pizza that first night but then she needed to be very frugal until she could get a job and start earning her way in the world.

Octavia was very impressed with the kindness of the people in Riverview when the pizza delivery woman also brought her that day’s paper.  As Octavia ate her dinner she read the paper looking to see what jobs were available.  As she read through the wanted ads something caught her attention.  The local salon was looking for a new stylist.  Right then and there as she inhaled her last bite of pizza she decided that she wanted to be a Fashion Phenomenon.

She went to bed that night with visions of hairdryers dancing in her head.


            The next morning she tried to log on the laptop her Great Aunt left behind only to find out that it was password protected.  She really wanted to email home and let her family know that she had made it safe and sound.  After twenty minutes of working on it she finally entered the correct password.  This was probably the first and last time this little lady was lucky in something.

After she emailed home she made sure she look presentable and headed to the salon where she landed a job as A Fashion Fledgling.

That night she spent more time working on cleaning up the house.


            The next morning she woke up bright and early and well rested.  She dressed in her new work attire, which wasn’t very flattering but she was glad to have it, had a filling breakfast and headed to work.


            When she got there her fellow stylists showed her to her station.  Octavia couldn’t help her excitement and she was laughed at by her fellow co-workers.  She didn’t mind this because she was eighteen, on her own and now earning a living, it was so much to be excited about.


            Octavia’s first makeover didn’t go so well.  Her first customer was Audry Burns and all she wanted was a simple outfit change.  All I can say is the Octavia is very luck that Audry gave her a second chance.


            Her second night in Riverview she was robbed and because she couldn’t afford an alarm system during the next few weeks she was robbed two more times.

Luckily what was taken wasn’t anything that she needed right away and would be able to eventually replace them.


            The next few weeks Octavia worked real hard and she began created beautiful makeovers for the townspeople of Riverview.  Slowly she started to build a name for herself.


            She had worked so hard and was so focused on her career that she hasn’t really taken the time to explore her new town.   So one Sunday afternoon, her days off were Sundays and Mondays, she decided to go to the park.  She planned on getting so reading in under a nice tree and perhaps do some people watching.

However what she found there was so much more than pure entertainment for a couple of hours.  At the park she met a lovely woman by the name of Misty Time.

Octavia had never met a green sim before and she thought Misty was beautiful and all around wonderful.  Misty took the time and got to know Octavia and the two became quick friends.

            On her way home from the park she decided to stop by the restaurant for dinner.  She met a handsome man there by the name of Titas Covington. She found him very alluring.  Could this be the name for our dear Octavia?  I guess we will have to see.



            After meeting Misty at the park she decided that Riverview had many things to offer her and that she would work hard during the work week and have fun during the weekend.

She headed to the local club, The Aquarius, where she felt exhilarated that  she had to bribe the bouncer to let her in, of course she had to promise not to tell anyone, but I didn’t.

She was too young to drink so the bartender fixed her up a yummy virgin drink and it made Octavia feel so grown up sitting at a bar with a fancy drink in her hand.  The first night she went the club was very empty so she enjoyed herself on an empty dance floor.  She was loving life.

Little did she know that things were about to change.

Time began to move along and Octavia continued her daily ritual.  She worked diligently during the week and after work she was either at Misty’s, Misty’s husband Kyle was a great cook, or Misty was at her house or they were on the phone to one another.  During her weekend she would have a few of her clients over or she and Misty would go shopping, to the park or just out to lunch.

A year went by and she never once regretted her decision to move to Riverview.  She was becoming very popular in her job and many people requested her services.  She had been promoted several times and at the end of the year she held the title of Couture Connoisseur.


            One day she received a makeover requests for new swimwear for a new resident of Riverview.  His name was Danger Zone and when Octavia met him she got instant butterflies.  She could barely form complete sentences.

Danger was very friendly and for his 22 years he seemed so sophisticated and worldly to Octavia.  He complemented her on her unusual name and he would through cute complements to her during their makeover session.

As he looked at his new swimwear in the mirror he winked at her reflection behind him and said, “Perhaps you and I can go test this out sometime.”

Octavia giggled and gave him her personal phone number as she left.  On her walk back to her car she called Misty and told her all about the new guy in town.

Over the next several months Octavia would see Danger around town and he always seemed to be with a different woman every time.  He never called her and yet every time she saw him she would forget how much of a jerk he was and turn into a wobbly insecure little girl.  He always acknowledged her and treated her more like a little sister then a woman, but again she didn’t seem to notice that.

Then one day out of the blue Octavia’s phone rang with a number she did not recognize.  She hesitated answering it, but once she heard the voice on the other end her knees began to quiver.

“Octavia, it’s me Danger, Danger Zone.  How ya doing kid?”

“Um…I’m… ah… ga.. good, tha… thank you.”  She sounded like an idiot but the butterflies in her stomach were taking over and making it hard for her to concentrate.

“I’m in your neighborhood and I just wanted to know if you wanted to join me at the pool?”

“The pool?”  This was one please she hadn’t visited yet.

“Yeah the pool, you know the place where people swim and have a good time.”

Octavia giggled at his sarcasm and agreed.  He showed up at her door ten minutes later and they were on their way.  Being it was pretty late at night only adults were in attendance and Octavia got to meet new people.


            Octavia was raised to be very conservative and respectful and once had she done something outrageous or dangerous, but Danger had a way with words and knew that he made the young girl feel weak in the knees.  He was able to convince her to go skinny dipping with him.

She stripped and felt very self conscious as he gazed upon her lean naked body.  “I thought you were going to skinny dip too.”  She meant for the words to sound harsher than they did.

“I’m coming babe, just jump in.”


            Apparently everyone in Riverview is more daring then than look and soon everyone at the pool had their clothes off and playing around in the pool.  Danger had plans for Octavia, but she surprised him and didn’t invite him as he dropped her off at home.

Over the next several months the two dated.  Danger would whisper sweet words in her ear in hopes that he would score.  Every date Octavia would kiss him sweetly as he dropped her off and told him that she had a great time.  She thought that what was developing between them was real.  She didn’t know that Danger just wanted to add her name to his list.


            Finally one night Danger put his foot in the door as Octavia tried to close it.  “Listen babe, we have been dating for a while.  How about you invite me in for a night cap?”

Octavia didn’t see the harm and let him in.  Immediately he grabbed her and pulled her close.  He kissed her neck and rubbed his check against hers.  His charms finally worked and that night they were together.

The next morning he played the caring boyfriend and when she had to work he left with the plan of not seeing her again, because that is what he did, right?

When she got home from work that night she dialed Danger’s number.  She had been on cloud nine the whole day and she just wanted to hear his voice, but he didn’t answer.  She thought it very curious, but didn’t let herself worry about it.  Instead she called Misty and told her all about her previous evening.  Misty, didn’t approve of Danger but she wasn’t going to rain on her friend’s parade and just allowed her to talk and provided the needed “uhhuh’s and hmmhmm’s” when needed.

Days, then weeks then months passed and it hadn’t taken Octavia long to realize that Danger had been only after one thing and now that he had gotten it she as no longer needed in his life.  He didn’t return her calls and when they saw each other around town he would engage in pleasant conversation, but then quickly get it out of by saying he had to run.

When Octavia began to feel ill she went to the doctor’s and she found out that her one time with Danger had resulted in a consequence.  She was pregnant.  She couldn’t believe it and ran to Misty’s house.  Misty hugged her and told her she need to tell Danger.  Together they called him from Misty’s phone and he answered.

“Hello?”  His voice revealed that he didn’t recognize the phone number.

“Danger it is Octavia.”

“Oh hey kid, I can’t talk right now. I have …. “

“Danger I’m pregnant and you are the father.”  She blurted.

There was a brief pause.  “Well that is great.  Good luck with that kid.”  He hung up the phone.

Octavia never was a lucky Sim and this situation was no different.


            Misty, who made her living as a farmer, decided to help Octavia start a garden.  Having fresh fruits and vegetables was going to be good for her through her pregnancy and it would be good for the baby/child as they grow up.

Octavia was very blessed to have Misty and Kyle in her life.


            Misty was over just about every day, it seemed, helping Octavia out and she assured Octavia that she would be there when the time came.  She made sure Octavia was eating right and she expressed words of encouragement when Octavia felt she couldn’t do this.  She was even there when Octavia had to call home and tell her folks.

Finally, after two days in the Riverview hospital, Octavia had a brand new baby boy.  She called him Pax, which is from the Latin Origin meaning Peace.


            The day she brought him home she stood on the front porch looking out at Riverview.  She was Twenty years old, single with a new baby.  What was she going to do?  How was she going to do this?

Is Danger as bad as he seems?
Will Octavia make a good mother?

The next chapter is 1.5 it is more geared to older readers as it will be a detailed telling of what happened the night she and Danger were together.  It will also show more of Danger’s point of view.

Stay tuned……..