Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Nine

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family
Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 9

Time moved on for the Slughorn’s. Kids went to school, participated in sports, school activities, dances and hung out with their friends. Time had been great for the Slughorn kids. Pax was doing well in school and surprisingly he managed dating two girls very well. Percy and Margo still enjoying each other companies and their relationship was strong. Porter saw his girls every weekend and he was on cloud nine, but he still couldn’t get Firefly to let him back into her life, but every moment that passed she seemed to relent and relax on a new issue. Pello and Parley were thick as thieves and were very popular in school.

Although time had been great for the kids it wasn’t so kind on Kyle and Octavia. After that fateful Halloween night they started to grow apart. Sure they put on the charade and they said their “I love yous” when around friends and family which usually was followed by the cute little peck or quick hug, but many nights Octavia fell asleep alone, Kyle telling her he was busy with something or another, and many mornings she walked down the stairs to see Kyle folding up the couch blanket before the kids came barreling down.

Octavia wasn’t sure why the void was there and why it was growing. She loved Kyle sure, but a big part of her didn’t miss him when he was absent in her bed or when she woke in the morning. She felt guilty for her thoughts and feelings, but she chalked it up as this is how long time married couples acted, and she was justified, in her mind, when she remembered coming down the stairs as a child and seeing her dad sleeping on the couch.

Before the household knew it Pax was graduating and graduating with honors no less. Octavia was over the moon with pride and the ceremony was a sight with the whole Slughorn family there to cheer Pax as he accepted his diploma.
Pax had received a scholarship for football at the local Riverview College and his dad, Danger, had agreed to rent and pay for a house for him to live in. The house that the two picked out was big enough for both Bluebell and Jade to move in with him. Octavia wasn’t fond of that part of Pax’s plan, but she didn’t know how she could get him to rethink it.

After walking out of the school auditorium Octavia realized she left the program on her seat and she wanted to put that in Pax’s scrapbook. She told her family to wait for her and went back inside. Standing by the seat she had been sitting in, holding her program, was Danger. A scowl spread on her face and she walked to him snatching it from his hand. “What do you want?” She growled.

Danger’s face held a smile that always melted Octavia’s heart, but she tried not to show it. “Pax tells me you have a problem with me renting him a house while he is at school.”

Crossing her hands over her chest she pops her hip out to the side. “That isn’t quite what I have a problem with.”

Danger shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out a torn piece of paper. “Meet me at this address at 9 tonight and we can talk about this further.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea. You can just call me.” Her mouth said one thing but her hand snapped forward and grabbed the paper from his hand.

“I will see you tonight.” Danger walked past her and out of the auditorium.

The Slughorn’s went out to dinner that night and a good time was had by all and at 9 Octavia found herself standing outside of grimy motel reluctantly knocking on the door to room 69. She heard Danger’s voice telling her to come in and she found him at the table that was set with champagne and glasses.

“I knew this was a bad idea.” She tried to turn to leave, be he was too quick for her.

 “It is to celebrate our sons achievements and nothing more.” He pulled her to the table and she sat down and he took the chair across from her.

“So you have an issue with me renting a house for Pax?” Danger starts and poured himself a glass of champagne. He tilted it toward her and she shook her head no.

“Its not the house I have an issue with and you know it. It is the fact that you are allowing and encouraging him to move both his girlfriends in.”

“Come on Octavia the boy is young and he has been pretty responsible dating them both so far. He doesn’t lie to either of them and neither of them are knocked up.”

“Oh that is great parenting skills Danger. I seem to recall you having a similar caviler attitude with Porter and look at where he is at. He barley is getting by in school because he has to work to help raise two daughters that he had with a much older woman out of wedlock. You really think that having this attitude with Pax is going to turn out well?”

Danger laughed and took a long drink from his flute. “Yeah I screwed up with Porter, but Pax is a whole different ballgame. You hold on too tight Octavia and you will lose your boy.”

She stood up quickly and glared at him. “You don’t get to tell me how to raise my boys.”

“You mean our boys.” He corrected with a smug look on this face.

Danger always finds a way to make Octavia’s blood boil. “This was a terrible idea. I’m leaving.”

 Before she knew it Danger had her against the motel wall and his lips found her exposed neck. Not having this kind of affection for so long mixed with her attraction to Danger led her to snaking her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His lips find hers and she moans into his. He slid his hand up her thigh and under her skirt. His hand found the flimsy material of her panties and he tugged and that is when Octavia pushed him away.

“This is wrong.” Her voice was shaky and not confident in her words.

“But it feels so right.” HIs lips find her neck again.

She leaned her head back again. “Oh God, yes it does.”

“Then make love to me.” Danger moved her around and threw her down on the bed and laid his body on top of hers.

A burst of energy coursed through her and she pushed him off her. Buttoning her shirt she stands up. “I can’t do this. It isn’t right.”

As she headed for the door Danger called back after her. “Meet me here next Thursday night.”

“No!” She pulled open the door.

“I know you too well Octavia Slughorn. I will see you next week.” Was the last thing she heard as she slammed the door behind her.


The following week Octavia found herself going through the motions of living her life, but all that was really on her mind was if she would meet Danger as he asked.

She and Kyle helped Pax move into his house, and she never did get around to trying to talk Pax out of moving in both Jade and Bluebell.

She made lunches and kissed her kids and acted like a happily married woman.

 But the following Thursday Octavia found herself standing in front of the sleazy motel looking at the numbers on the door, 69. How appropriate for her visit there. She had told Kyle and the kids that she had joined a woman’s bowling league and that every Thursday she would be going out after dinner and coming home late.

She heard Dangers smooth voice calling her inside and she opened the door slowly.

Seeing him laying on the bed in just his boxers she tried to turn around and leave, but his reflexes were fast and he grabbed her and once again threw her on the bed. “I’m not letting you get away this time Octavia. I need you.”

Once that first time happened it became a weekly thing.

Soon weeks turned into months.

 For six days a week she acted like Octavia Slughorn mother of five and wife to Kyle Slughorn, the nicest and most sought out man in town. Everyone who knew her envied her and wanted to be in her shoes, if only they knew she was living a lie. Then one night a week she acted like Octavia Slughorn mistress to Danger Zone. It was the one night a week she felt herself and happy.


The last time she saw Danger she actually stayed the night with him at the motel. She wasn’t sure what she was going to tell Kyle, but she knew she had made the right decision.

They kissed outside their motel room and went their separate ways.

As she drove home, slowly, she saw there was a physic reading taking place at the park. She decided to go and check it out. She needed time to figure out why to say to Kyle anyway.

There she met Madame Currie.

Madame Currie sat Octavia down and gave her grim news about her affair with Danger.

“Child.” She said in her heavy Cajun accent, “He isn’t going to leave you. He loves his wife, but he craves for more then what he is allowed.”

 How did this woman know? Octavia was taken back with the fact that this woman knew about her affair. She hadn’t really believed in this stuff. She just sat there and stared there starring at the woman.

“Come over here.” Madame Currie led Octavia to her big caldron. “Let me see if there is something I can conjure for you plight.”

She stirred and chanted and finally she looked up at Octavia with a frown and shook her head.

Then without warning Madame Currie shoved a cursed doll into Octavia’s hand. “Make your life right Child or the voodoo will do it for you.”

 At that moment two things happened to Octavia. First she got angry with Madame Currie and her mumbo jumbo and threw the doll back at her. Next she turned on her heel and ran toward her car. She knew that her life was with Kyle and she had to get home and tell him the truth and tell him that she loved him and only him. Danger was just something she couldn’t have and that made her want him as if she were a child. She just prayed that he could forgive her and they could restart their life together.

She drove erratically that day and she never made it home………..


Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Eight

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 8

*****There is some adult content in this post..

Please know this before reading*****

Time went along for the Slughorn’s.  Daily life was full of making lunches, making sure kids got to school, continuing  careers and making sure kids did their homework and were respectful.

As Firefuly’s belly grew Porter and Octavia began to get more and more divided.  Octavia forbid him to see her and he wanted nothing more than to see her.  However he was still a minor so seeing Firefly was hard and it happened less and less as time went on.

 Then one day Parley and Pello came home from school and Pello was complaining about his stomach and head.  Kyle swooped him up into this manly arms and the poor kid was burning up with fever.  Leaning in with worry Octavia asked if he wanted some soup in bed.  Pello gave her a weak nod and Kyle carried him upstairs and Octavia went into the kitchen.

They put him in their bed and stayed with him all night.  His fever finally lifted at about 4am.

The whole time Octavia couldn’t help but wonder and worry that this was the doing of that Jennifer she met in a dream once.  She even took up muttering the name asking her to make Pello okay.  This was something the Slughorn’s had never experienced before and hoped to never experience again.

A few days later Pello Slughorn was back to his friendly sweet self.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun as the old saying goes and the Slughorn family was no different, and one saturday morning Porter got a phone call from Mrs. Tuesday telling him Firefly was in labor. That day he experienced one of his greatest disappointments of his life.

“Mom, Kyle I need to go to the hospital.”  Porter shouted running down the stairs.

“Why what’s wrong?”  Octavia grabbed his shoulders as he hit the bottom step.

“Firefly is in labor.  I need to go.  Can I borrow the car?”

Now dear reader our wonderful Octavia, like many of us, is flawed and at the time she thought she was doing the right thing, but in the end she ended up regretting it.

“No and you aren’t going to the hospital either.”  her voice was full of venom as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“What?  Are you kidding me?”  If looks could kill Octavia Slughorn would not be alive to pass down her legacy to the next generation.

“Don’t look at me like that young man.  Until she requests a pertertity test and that says you are the father then and only then will you be able to see her or that baby.  Now march your butt back upstairs.”

The two proceeded to get into a horrible fight that broke any chance of them ever being close again, but in the end Octavia won and Porter stormed up the stairs muttering about how much he hated Octavia.  That day he stayed in his room thinking and wondering if Danger was right, was he going to be a good for nothing man like his father?

That night he got a text from Firefly and this is what it said:

Octavia?  Well you have not one but two daughters.  Ana and Robin and they are beautiful.  I would never keep you from them, but just know I have conceded….Octavia wins.  I love you and I miss you…..I shouldn’t have said that.  Bye.

The text broke Porter’s heart and he vowed he would find a way to see his girls.

That night Kyle and Octavia also got into a fight.  He knew how he felt about his own Pello and Parley and he loved the other boys as his own.  He was on Porter’s side and thought that Octavia was being unreasonable.

And as all good fights do it ended in passion.  The feel of Octavia’s flesh on his excited Kyle.  Since they had found out Porter got Firefly pregnant Octavia hadn’t allowed him to make love to her, but like so many times before as their passion grew Octavia pulled away and the two sunk into their frequent habit of going to bed angry at each other.

Time passed and Porter started skipping school, sneaking out of the house and becoming very distant with his family.

Why you may ask:

Because of Robin and

Ana.  He just could not stay away from them.  He could not allow his father, the man he was cloned after, to be right about his character.  After the first day he saw these two he was hooked and his girls had him wrapped around their little fingers. Despite having to be sneaky and having to lie about where he was going he was happy that he was in his girl’s lives.  The only thing that wasn’t working in his favor was Firefly kept him away.  When he was there she would go into another room or leave the house just to stay away from him.  She barely even spoke to him.

Then before everyone knew it Halloween was upon them and costume planning was in full effect.  Octavia had the great idea that she and Parley would have mother daughter bonding at the costume shop. They had a great time trying on different outfits.

A Bloody nurse?

A Dark Fairy?

A serial killer?

A warty witch?

What did they choose?  In the end they were:

A Sexy nurse and a

a fun-loving fairy.

The boys were:

Kyle as a sexy nurse to match his wife.

Pax was a handsome, brave knight.

Percy was a video game superhero.

Porter, who liked to show off his chiseled body, went as a caveman.

And our next heir Pello went as Frankenstein’s monster, but if you ask me he was way too cute to be scary.

Everyone had plans for the holiday the Slughorn’s loved so much.

Percy had worked up some courage earlier in the week and asked beautiful Margo Strickland out to the new arcade, **He is a Loner not a loser people**, and he was completed floored when she agreed.  He told her they were having a costume party and to meet him there in her best costume.

“What are you suppose to be?” Percy asked nervously as he approached her.

“Um….” she bit her bottom lip and looked down at her clothes.  “I am suppose to be a taunting librarian.  You really didn’t give me a lot of time to get a great costume.”  She pouted.

“Well I think you look taunting.”  He boldly took her hand and led her into the building.

They spent the day playing video games and talking.  Percy couldn’t believe how close she stood behind him when she watched him get high score and when she placed her hands on his shoulders as she got excited….he was thrilled he worked up his courage.

As the night wound down they went up to the balcony level to get a break from the crowd.  They sat together on the couch and as Margo snuggled close to him a huge smile spread on Percy’s face.  He was falling for her and he was falling fast.

The quirky girl took his hand, that wasn’t around her shoulders, and slid it just under her skit and allowed it to rest.  She turned to him,  “Touch me Percy.”

“Uh….what?”  Percy wasn’t used to socializing outside his family and he really didn’t know how to react.

“Touch me.”

She parted her lips and moved into him.  Percy Slughorn shared his first kiss with the beautiful Margo Strickland in a public place and he almost got to second base as his hand crept farther and farther up her leg, but  as their making out got heated it was discovered that Margo had some weird “make-out” sounds and the employee working at the arcade that night came up and asked them to leave.  He told them that it was inappropriate to conduct themselves in such a manner.  They walked home together that night, two blissful teenagers with grins on their faces.


Porter had been blessed somewhere in his life and roughly a month before Halloween Octavia and he had a really great talk where he pointed out that Danger was a lousy father and keeping him from his girls was aiding him to be just like Danger.  Finally Octavia saw the big picture and consented him in seeing his daughters, but she still forbid him a relationship with Firefly.

“As long as you live in my house you will respect that.”

He was just so elated that he agreed and Halloween was his first holiday he got to spend with this girls.

“What the hell are you suppose to be?”  Porter demanded as Firefly opened the door.

She was scantily dressed and he thought she looked sexy, but didn’t want anyone else to see her.  His heart was still hers and he didn’t want to take the chance of anyone else stealing her away from him.

“Don’t start with me Porter.  The girls are waiting for you.”  Her tone was icy.

Before Mrs. Tuesday left for the night she insisted on getting a family photo.  Both Firefly and Porter felt their forbidden passion for one another as they sat there with their beautiful girls.

Porter spent the day and well into the evening playing with his girls.  Robin was very ticklish.
While Ana loved to be tossed in the air.

It was time for bed and Firefly and Porter each picked up one of their sleepy babies and carried them up to the stairs.

After PJ’s on, and a fun kid friendly Halloween story was read Porter and Firefly tip towed out of the room.

As Firefly turned around, pulling the door behind her, Porter couldn’t resist anymore and slams her against the door attacking her exposed neck with this mouth.

“Oh God this is so wrong.”  Firefly moans pulling him closer.  “But not here the girls will hear us.”  Taking his hand she leads him down the stairs and to the couch.

She straddled him and ran her figures though his beautiful blue hair.

“Why is it that we always want what is wrong for us.”  She asks bring her lips to his.

Labored breathing filled the Tuesday household as the two pawed at one another.
When Porter couldn’t take it anymore he pushed her back with intentions of taking this make-out session farther.  As he slid up her dress and grabbed her undergarment Firefly’s hand came crashing down on his.

“No,”  She pushed him up.  “I can’t do this. I can’t keep doing this.  You are wrong for me Porter.”

Looking into her eyes he saw that she was serious, but also saw great sadness.  Getting off the couch in a huff he headed for the door.

Seeing the anger in his eyes Firefly’s heart takes over and she rushes to him grabbing him from behind.

“Don’t leave angry.  Please don’t leave angry.  I do love you, we just aren’t meant to be.”

“Firefly Tuesday I will be eighteen soon and then things will be very different.  Just you wait and see.  I will be over next week to see the girls.”  With that he pushes her back and walks out the door.

After leaving Firefly’s house Porter did something highly illegal and was lucky that he wasn’t caught.  Rage burned in him as hot as the sun he took it out on the one person he blamed for his bad luck.

While his dad, Danger, was out for the night and his wife Missy was away on business Porter Zone toilet papered Danger’s house and left a flaming poop bag on his porch.


Pax had a party to attend.  He was a very popular kid and the teens of town decided to have a Halloween party at the local park. Everyone who was everyone was at the party and Pax enjoyed mingling it up.

To his surprise and excitement the new girl Jade Each was in attendance.  Yes had a girlfriend but he was a teenage boy and he found this new girl very attractive.

“Come dance with me!”  Jade ordered as she pulled Pax closer to the stereo.  The two grooved to a very famous Halloween song, laughing the whole time.

Being new to the school Jade felt uncomfortable and out-of-place, but Pax had been nice to her from the get go and she found herself crushing on her cute shining knight.  Sure she knew that he was dating Bluebell Red, but they were in high school how serious could it really be?

“I need to take a break and get something to drink.”  Pax leaned in and told his dance partner.  Jade nodded her head and Pax took off to the juice bar.

Not knowing that someone spiked the juice Pax grabbed a glass and downed it in one gulp.  “Damn that was good.”  Still thirsty he drank another one just as quickly.

Bluebell, who always had to have everything go just right, flitted around the party making sure everyone, but her man, was having a good time.  She watched Pax stagger to the monkey bars and easy himself down to the ground, but never thought much of it.

“Whatcha doing?”  Jade joined Pax on the ground.

“Just feeling pretty light-headed.  I need to sit.”  Pax grabbed his head.

“um, Pax, how many glasses of juice did you drink?

“Two why?”

“Honey someone spiked it.”  Jade laughed and in the same instant she found this to be the perfect opportunity to make her move.

She pushed him to the ground and rolled on top of him.

“What are you doing”  Pax questioned.

“Giving in to temptation.”  She giggled as she leaned in, but before their lips met she was pulled away from him by her hair.

“Keep your grubby hands off my man.”  Bluebell had finally given some attention to Pax and when she saw what was going on her evil side took control and she sprinted to the scene.  Keeping a tight hold on the girls blue hair she pulled her farther and farther from Pax.

Soon a crowd of kids surrounded them and the two girls got into a full-blown fight.  A bloody lip and a black eye later the two girls stood in front of each other panting like dogs giving each other the stink eye.

“He is mine so stay away.”  Bluebell wiped the blood from her lip with the back of her hand.

“He can do what he wants and if he wants me then you can’t stop him.”  Jade poked at her swollen eye.

Pax watched the two girls in disbelief not understating how their good time turned into this.  His head still pounding he walked home leaving both girls behind.


“Come on, come on let me take your picture.”  Octavia instructs Parley and Pello to get together.  They were getting ready to head out trick or treating but first Octavia wanted pictures.

The two animated children did many silly poses for their mother and had a great time posing in their costumes.  “You two are silly.”  Octavia said as she browsed the pictures on her digital camera.  “Now before you go who is going to recite the rules for me?”

Both kids sighed but Parley accommodated.  “Stick together.  Don’t eat any of the candy before you and dad can look at it and we must be back by 8pm.”

“Now you two have fun and please be careful.”

“We will mom.”  The two yelled as they ran out of the house.

“So are you still game?”  Pello asked when they were down the street from the house.

“Sure but wont mom and dad be suspicious if we don’t come home with candy?”

“We will still stop at houses along the way, but I just gotta see who lives in that creepy house across town.”

Making their way across town they would walk up to houses, ring the bell and yell trick or treat and their friends and neighbors would drop things into their plastic bags such as candy bars, hard candy and one house even gave toothbrushes.

Finally they found themselves standing in front of the run down shack that the kids in school kept saying was haunted.  The two stood looking at it for sometime and finally Pello took Parley’s hand and led her to the door.

Then bravely he knocked on the door and they took a step back waiting for someone to answer.

As the sun began to set a very crabby man answered the door.  “What do you stinking kids what?”  He bellowed loudly.

The man’s tone and anger surprised and even frightend the children.  Standing before them was a honest to God Berry Sims.  They had only heard about them, but had never met one.  Sure they had regurlar blue, red, and green sims, but not Berries.

“Get off my property before I call the cops.”  The man conintued yelling.

Pello and Parley had always read that Berry sims were suppose to be nice but this man was anything but nice.  They were frozen in place and coulnd’t run if they wanted to.

A boy, around Parley’s age, ran out of the house.  “Stop.  I am so sorry about my dad.”  He was so excited to see the kids that he even pumped his arm in the air in victory.  “He doesn’t like children much.  We are the Sour’s.  I’m Midori and my dad’s name is Cranberry.”

“Midori…” Cranberry began.

“Dad can you please go inside.  It will be okay.  I need to get to know some of the kids around here.”

With a grumbling huff Cranberry headed back inside.

“Again I am sorry.”  Midori offered.

Calming down Pello took the lead.  “No problem.  He just took us by surprise is all.  So you two are real life Berry Sims, huh?”

“Yeah we just moved here.”  Midori didn’t like talking about the fact he was a Berry Sim and tried to divert the converstaion.

Pello got it and didn’t push farther.  “We are Pello and Parley Slughorn,” Pello pointed to his sister, “So why haven’t we seen you in school?”

“My dad hasn’t enrolled me yet.  He isn’t use to the parenting thing yet.  I was raised by my mom until six months ago when she passed.  There was no one else to take me and even though he hates children he did the right thing I guess.

“Man that stinks.”  Pello offers.

“It is what it is.”  Midori looked over at Parley who hasn’t said a word the whole time.  She was still pretty shaken up by Cranberry’s outburst.  “Can you talk pretty girl.”  He pushed up his mask thinking that was what was scaring her from talking to him.

Parley had a temper and she stuck her jaw out.  She didn’t like the way he said pretty girl to her.  “Of course I can talk.  I just have standards on who I talk to.”  She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Wow I like your spirt pretty girl.  You and I will be great friends.”  He winked at her.

“I wouldn’t be friends with you if you were the last boy on earth.  Come on Pello we have to be going if we are going to make it home by cerfew.”  The two began to walk toward the road.

“Wait, Pretty Girl, wait!”  Midori yelled.

Parley froze in anger.  “Quit calling me that.”  She spit.

Then without warning Midori Sour place a sweet kiss on Parely Slughorn’s green cheek shocking Parley beyond the pretty girl words.

She grabbed Pello’s arm and dragged him away fromthe Sour house.

As the Slughorn kids walked away Midori Sour said,  “Parley Slughorn you and I are meant to be.”

“I think someone has a crush.”  Pello taunted as when they were out of ear shot.

“Shut up.”  With that they walked the rest of the way home in silence.


A few days before Halloween Octavia had discoved that their local night club was having a costume contest and since all the kids would be out Octaiva and Kyle decided they would take the night, go out, have fun and work on their dwindling romance.

They got Pello and Parely on their way and changed into their own costumes and headed to the club.

When they got there they had a great time.  The turn out wasn’t great and they ended up winning the costurme contest by default really, but they had a great, that was until HE showed up.

After some dancing the couple sat down to get a bite to eat and who should show up but Danger.

“Hi you two.  Didn’t expect to see the boredom’s here.”  Danger snickered.

Octavia grabed Kyle’s hand for calmness, but found none there.  “Go away Danger.”  Was all she could muster to say.

But go away he didn’t.

He followed them around the rest of the night.  To the bubble machine…..

To the dance floor where Octavia couldn’t take her eyes off him.  Watching his rippling muscles, dressed in very tight black leather, retract as he moved made her face flush red with desire.  Kyle could see every look and every vibe between the two of them and he was not liking it one bit.

“Babe, I think we should head home.”  He took her hand.

“Okay but first I have to go to the little girls room.”

As she exits the bathroom Danger is waiting for her.  “Your husband thinks I left.”  He grinned.

“Where’s Misty?”  Octaiva inquired.

“Out of town, but who cares.”  He cornered against the wall.

“Danger please.  Let me pass.”  But when he placed his lips to hers she can’t help herself and snakes her arms around his neck and melted into him.  There kissing was hot and passionate and it was making Octavia’s whole body tingle.

Then without warning Danger pulled away and leaned his forehead to hers.  “Go home with your husband tonight Octavia just remember you are mine and you have always been mine.  Soon I will have you again.”

His words set Octavia off.  She wasn’t his play thing.  “You listen to me Danger Zone…”

“No you listen to me.  You are mine.  Now go home.”  Danger pushed himself off the wall and walked away leaving Octavia feeling an array of emotions from lust, to  guilt to anger.

Octavia and Kyle’s ride home was quite.  Octavia was trying to figure out what happened and Kyle was just stewing about Danger ruining their good time.  When hey arrived home they checked on the children and headed to their room.

Octavia went into their bathroom and washed off her make-up and slipped out of her costume.  Her body was still on fire and the thought of Danger’s intoxicating scent was on her mind.  She decided the best way to make these feelings go away was to make love to her husband.  The man she loved, the man she had chosen to spend her life with.

She came up behind him and incited him by whispering lowly into his ear.  “Make love to me.”  She could barley get the words out she was filled with so much desire.

“Gladly.”  He said as he spun her around and led her to the bed.  He was glad that she hadn’t forgotten that tonight was about trying to find one another again.

“Don’t be gentle with me.”  Staring into his face, but who she was seeing wasn’t Kyle, but Danger.

“Your wish is my command.”  He flipped her over and took control.

It didn’t take them long to be void of all clothing and finding pleasure with each other.  Kyle couldn’t help but think about how different it was.  How crazy, wild, passionate and even a little kinky it was.  Perhaps the long time span since the last time made it this good, maybe it was the dark holiday that drove her wild, but whatever it was it was hot.

As he hit her sweet spot he had to watch her expression.  Seeing her tuck her lip under her teeth and squeeze her eyes shut drove him to his own euphoria.  Their room filled with loud sounds of pleasure and just before Kyle laid his head on her shoulder motionless trying to hold back his tears of disappointment, Octavia made her drive for being so free with her sexuality know by digging her nails in Kyle’s back and screaming Danger’s name.

Thank you for reading:

The Slughorn’s wanted to remind everyone that October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and they support the research for a cure:

Gen. 1: Meet Your Maker Octavia Slughorn

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 “Intermission”

Meet Your Make Octavia Slughorn


The sun is bright almost too bright for this time of the morning.  Octavia shielded her eyes with her hand so she is able to see the park in front of her better.  She isn’t sure where she is nor how she got there, but the site in front of her is peaceful and calming.

She took an apprehensive step into the wooded area and couldn’t help but think how much Kyle and Pello would have loved a place like this.  The flowers were in full bloom and the trees were regale as they stood above everything protecting their little oasis.

She looked down and realized that she was dressed in an elegant dress in white and gold hues.  She didn’t understand where she was and if it was a dream why would she be dressed like this in a park without her family? 

She continued to move into the park but stopped when she came across a young lady sitting on a park bench.  The woman wasn’t overly pretty but her features were kind and welcoming.  Octavia thought it strange that she too wore a garment in the same colors as her dress, but convinced herself it was a dream. 

She was about to ask the woman where they were but was surprised when the woman greeted her by her name.

 “How do you know my name?”  Octavia questioned as she removed her hand from her lips.

The woman on the bench laughed, stood up and brushed her dress off.  “I know who you are because I created you Octavia.” 

The statement took Octavia back and she didn’t know what to say.  She just looked at the woman giving her a “you’re crazy” with her eyes.

“I know this is a shock to you Octavia but it is true.  My name is Jennifer and I created you, Kyle, Danger, Misty and several others in your town.” 

“Lady, you’re crazy.”  Octavia backs up and Jennifer grabbed her arm.

“You live in Riverview.  Your husband is Kyle and you and he share one pretty little girl Parley.  Your ex-lover, if you want to call him that, is the handsome Danger Zone and the two of your share two boys; Pax and Percy.  Also in your house hold you have two clones Pello and Porter and you have selected the cute loveable little Pello as your heir.  Am I right?” 

Octavia swallowed loudly and sunk into the nearby bench.  “How did you know that?  Most of it you could have found out from the paparazzi, but Kyle and I haven’t shared with anyone who we have chosen as heir.” 

“I told you Octavia I created you.  Even though you have free will I have made about 85% of what has happened to you happen.  I am even tempted to have you and Danger have an affair….I miss that stud muffin.”  Jennifer pushes her glasses up.

“Oh good Lord if you are telling the truth please don’t.”  Octavia groaned.

“Don’t deny that he makes your womanhood jump to life.” 

“I love Kyle.”  Octavia stood firm.

“I know you do, but Danger is… well that isn’t what I brought you here to talk about.” 

“Where is here? “  Octavia asked in a hushed tone. 

“This is a new world called Hidden Springs.  One of your decedents will eventually move her.” 

The way the woman talked made Octavia very nervous.  She was still having trouble believing that she was created and that she was meeting her maker.  She gulped and faced the woman.  “So..Um…ah.. why did you bring me here?”  Jennifer guided Octavia to the bridge where they took a seat.  Seeing Octavia so nervous made Jennifer giggle as she remembered that Octavia was a coward at heart. 

As the water moved beneath them Jennifer took Octavia’s hand.  “I brought you here to meet you, for us to talk, for us to get to know one another.” 

“From the sounds of it you know me pretty well.”  Octavia tried to clear the frog from her throat and removed her hand from Jennifer’s.

“Well I guess that is true.  I guess I want you to know me.” 

“What for?”  Octavia began to grow angry.

“Just in case you have any questions and to also tell you that I will be visiting every generation of the Slughorn’s.  So it is up to you if you want to pass the knowledge of me down or not.   I already have a fun adventure planned for Pello and I.” 

Octavia tried her best to hide how nervous she was, but Jennifer could see right through her and so she decided that a little Q&A would make sense.  “Speaking of Pello, why did I choose him as heir?  I really felt and still do, that Porter could have had a chance to redeem himself as heir.” 

“Funny you should ask that Octavia.  You have readers out there and….”


“I write your story for people to read,” Jennifer smiled at Octavia’s shocked expression.  “And I head a poll to see who the readers wanted as you’re heir and Pello was chosen.  I too was hoping for Porter, but then I realized that with either of them your genetics won’t be passed down and for that I am sorry, but it will be okay because going forward if the Slughorn’s have a clone in their home they will not be part of the choice for heir.”

“You mean to tell me that not only have you put me and my family through the ringer you have also let others decided my fate?”  Octavia’s voice oozed with anger. 

In a blink of an eye the two of them were sitting by a tree surrounded by bubbles. 

“What?!? How?!?”  Octavia stammered.

“I thought the bubbles might help calm you.  I love bubbles.”  Jennifer’s smooth voice informed.

Octavia placed her chin in her fist trying to take in everything as Jennifer stretched out on the soft grass.  “I want you to know Octavia that your family is going to go through a lot, some wonderful times and some not so wonderful times.  Some of you will live to a ripe old age and others go before their time.  There will be affairs, betrayal, murder and love children, but there will also be fun times, true love, children, and times that don’t want to be forgotten.  Among all this I will be here.  I will be here for you, for Pello and all the other Slughorn’s that come after him.  All you need to do if you need me is shout.” 

Octavia didn’t reply she just sat there.  

The two sat there for a long time not saying a word.  As the sun sank and the trees shook their leaves in a protective manor upon them Jennifer stood up.  “I have told you what I wanted to tell you now I must go.  You can take your time going back to your life, but don’t take too much time.  Pello and Parley’s Halloween costumes need to be done and the kids need help with their bake sale at school.”  With that Jennifer faded slowly away.

And the Winner IS……….

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1

Announcement of Heir for Generation 2


One morning Octavia woke with clarity on who she wanted to ask to be heir of the Slughorn name.  She got the kids off to school and found Kyle having a rare moment in front of the television.  She leaned over him, kissed his forehead and told him that she wanted to talk.

Kyle got a look of concern on his face.  He sat up and patted the couch next to him.  “What’s up love?”

“Nothing to be concerned about,” She took the seat next to him, “I just know how I want to ask to be heir.”  Her smile was big and beautiful.

“Really?  Who?”  He was intrigued and wanted to know who they would start preparing to take over for his lovely wife.

“I want Pello to be heir of the Slughorn name.”  She takes Kyle’s hand and laces her fingers with his.

“Pello?”  He could not keep the puzzlement from his tone.

“Yes Pello.  You know that cute little boy that runs around here playing with Parley and oh he looks just like you.”  She giggled.

Kyle gave her a sarcastic look.  “I know who he is, but are you sure?  Babe, he isn’t blood related which means none of your genetics will get passed down.”

“I have thought of that, but I still think Pello is who I want.  This is why.  Pax my dear sweet boy Pax, he would be a great choice as heir, but I feel he already has his own agenda with the Red gal.  She is super sweet and I want them to figure out what their future holds and he doesn’t need the weight of being my heir mixed with that.  Then we have Percy, my loner of a boy.  He too would make a great heir, but his loner trait would close him off from living the life and heir should live.  Next comes Porter, yes he is Danger’s clone, but I love him just as if he is my own child.  Many would argue that he would make the best heir because he already has children on the way, and believe me I was very close to choosing him, but he is about to be a teenage father and he needs to figure all that out and not have this extra commitment.  That leaves our little Pello.”

“Don’t choose him because you think he is the last choice.”

“I think you know me better than that Kyle.”  She crossed her arms over her chest, “I am choosing him because he is the best choice.  He is a sweet, loveable, friendly outdoorsy kid.  He enjoying meeting people, learning new things, help around the house and with his sister and he is just enjoyable to be around.  I, just as I do Porter, love him as if I was his mother and he would make me proud being the heir.  It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t share my genetics.  I have helped raise him and there is still a lot of raising to do.  I have passed down to him my morals, values and the importance of truth and respect to others.  Yes he will make a great heir for me.  Also I have heard rumors that there are big changes coming to our world and I think he would be best equipped to deal with them.”

“Only if you are sure.”

“I am very sure and I will ask him if he would be heir after he becomes a teenager.”  Octavia stood and headed for the kitchen confident in her decision.

**NOTE from author ~ I am pretty surprised at the outcome of the poll, but am now pretty excited to figure out generation 2 will Pello as heir.  He was chose as heir with 43% of the vote, followed by Porter with 30%,  Pax with 17% and Percy in the rear with 10%**

Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Seven

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 7


“Porter you need to go back to your room and get ready for school.”  Octavia said between clenched teeth.

“But mom….”

“No but mom’s me.  I need time to process this and at this time it would be counterproductive to just shout at you and that is what is going to happen if you don’t leave this room right now.”

Porter scratched the back of his head and sighed heavily.  “I really am sorry.”  He turned on his heal and fled the room.

Even though she had anger inside her that threatened to jump out and consume Porter she couldn’t help but smile inwardly that he was calling her mom.

She turned to the bed and shook Kyle’s leg.  She knew that he was awake, he was a very light sleeper, and she needed him right now.  He sat up and she crawled into his arms.

“What am I going to do?”

He kissed her shoulder.  “Remember you are not in this alone.”

She leaned closer to him and rested her head against his masculine shoulder.  “I know, but we both know he barley listens to me and he doesn’t think of you his father at all.”

“That is a dilemma.”  He wraps his arms around her tighter and they sat in silence for a time.

She finally broke the silence with, “I think I will have to invite Danger over and he and need to sit down and talk.”

“I don’t think that is the best idea.”  Was all the Kyle said.

“I know but I don’t think I have any chose.  I will call him next week I won’t let this news and having to deal with Danger ruin out baby girl’s birthday party on Saturday.  Now let’s get dressed and go down and feed the kids.”

That day after school Porter couldn’t bring himself to go home right after school.  He texted Firefly and had her meet him at the park.

“Are you in a lot of trouble?”  She asked as they squatted down by the jungle gym.

“I don’t really know.  Octavia just sent me away from the room after I told her.  What about you?”

“Love, I’m an adult now and my mom hasn’t cared much since my dad died and she really doesn’t care now that I am an adult.  I am just lucky she is letting me stay at the house.”

He rested his hand on her upper thigh and looked her in her eyes.  “I’m sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for?  I knew better but I just couldn’t fight the feelings I have for you.”  She placed her hand on top of his.

The two sat there at the park in silence and as the sun started to set Porter’s phone began to buzz.  It was Octavia asking him where he was.


The rest of the week was a stressful one.  The house hold was quite and everyone was afraid to say the wrong thing.  The boys would go to friend’s houses after school and stay for dinner and homework coming home just in time for bed.  Octavia missed her boys but she knew this was the best for now.

Porter got himself a part time job as mausoleum clerk at the local cemetery.  He wanted to show Octavia that he could be responsible and that he could be trusted.

Then Saturday came and the mood of the house shifted.  With and impending party, especially one from toddler to child, how can anyone stay in a foul mood.

The guests were invited, the pizza ordered and the guest of honor was ready to age up.

Octavia took her to the cake and before she was even instructed to Parley leaned over and blew a mouth full of spit at the candles.  The guests laughed when the candles didn’t go out.  Octavia helped her get the candles out.

She grew into a beautiful little girl with her dad’s looks and her mom’s light blue eyes.  She was very respectful and she loved her brothers dearly.

The following day, Sunday, a picnic had been planned, but only ones that went were Kyle, Octavia, Pello and Parley.  Pax didn’t go because he doesn’t like to be outdoors and he wanted to spend the day chatting/texting Bluebell.  Percy didn’t go because he was too worried about the big crowds and Porter had to work at this new job.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The birds were at their best singing their beautiful songs and the flowers were in full bloom and it made the park look just stunning.

Pello hopped onto his dad’s back and they entered the park ready for a day of eating and playing and enjoying family time.

“So what do you kids want to do first?”  Kyle asked as he put Pello down.

“I want to play on the swings.”  Parley yelled.

“I want to teeter-totter.”  Pello shouted.

Octavia and Kyle chuckled.  “I’ll play on the teeter-totter with Pello you go and push Parley.”  Octavia instructed.  She leaned over and kissed Kyle on his cheek as Pello grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the playground toy.

 “Weeeee….”  Parley cried as her parents swag her.  “This is fun.”

After a couple of hours later of playing Octavia set up a blanket and set up the picnic basket.   “Kyle, kids, it’s time for lunch.”  She called happily and sat down.

“Mom this lunch is great.”  Parley spit with food in her mouth.

“Thank you but don’t talk with your mouth full young lady.”  Octavia gave her daughter a wink and got up and collected the trash that was already accruing and threw it away.

After lunch they all laid down on the grass to let their fully bellies settle.

“Look at that cloud mommy.”  Parley pointed at the sky.

“Yeah it looks like a bear.”  Pello cooed back.

“You two have such an imagination.”  Kyle said.

“And that one is a ballerina.”  Parley ignored her dad and continued with her observation of the sky.

“Oh and that one looks like an evil king.”  Pello continued.

“I have an idea.”  Octavia sat up.  “This week, after your homework is done of course, you two should put your ideas down on paper and next weekend you can perform the story for your dad and me.  What do you think of that? “

Both kids sat up in excitement.  “That would be awesome.”  Pello smiled.

“Great idea mom.”  Parley rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

“Now let’s go and feed the birds.”  Kyle suggested.

“Darn we are out of bread.”  Parley whined.

“It’s okay baby girl we can come back another day with more bread.”  Octavia hugged Parley close.

“Mom this was the best day every.”  Pello leaned in and gave her a half hug.

“Yes son is has been.  I just wish your brothers would have been here.”

Kyle rubbed Octavia’s back and gave her a knowing look.  He knew she was still struggling with Porter’s situation.

“Now before we head home I want you two to move over there so I can take a picture.”  Octavia took her camera out of the basket.

“Cheese.”  They both said in unison.

“Aren’t you two a picture for proud parents?”  Kyle shook his head and grabbed the blanket and stuffed it back into the picnic basket.

As they headed toward the exit of the park they ran into someone Octavia wasn’t ready to see yet.  Even though she wasn’t very far along in the pregnancy she was already showing.  Her cute little baby bump stuck out like a sore thumb and the sight of it brought on Octavia’s fury once again.

She wasn’t proud of her actions, but she couldn’t help them either.  The urge for a mother to protect her child hit her like a ton of bricks and she got into the young woman’s face.  “You stay away from my boy you little harlot.”

Firefly was shocked, but she tried to understand where the woman was coming from.  “The damage has already been done Mrs. Slughorn.”  She tried to explain.

“You lured my boy into taboo acts and now his whole life is ruined.”

Firefly’s blood began to boil.  Yes she should have known better and she should have stopped anything before it happened, but she loved Porter and it wasn’t like she forced him into anything.  “It takes two to tango and he wanted it just as much if not more than I did.”

“Don’t you dare say things like that to me!  He is a boy and under age and that means he was misguided by you.”

“How dare you!”  Firefly’s temper was at high level.

Kyle set the kids to the car and took Octavia by the arms.  “Honey let’s go.  This isn’t helping anything.”


Kyle raised his voice just slightly, “But nothing.  Let’s leave the girl alone.”

Finally Octavia relented and they headed home.


True to her word a few days later Octavia invited Danger over to have a talk about Porter.  The kids were at school and Kyle had opted to leave for the day.  He was not a fan of Danger and truth be told even if he wanted to be on hand to protect Octavia for the kind of man he was Octavia wouldn’t have him home when Danger came over.  She said it was a conflict of interest and the meeting would be counterproductive.

He arrived at precisely the time she instructed and rang the bell.  She pulled the door open to find him standing on the front porch looking bored.  She stepped outside and cleared her throat.

Danger looked up from the lint on his pants and what he saw before him confused him.  He stretched his arms out and leaned back, “Damn looking good Slughorn.” and gave her a wide grin.

Nervously Octavia reached up and scratched the back of her neck.  The sight of him awakened all that is feminine in her.  The mere sight of him caused parts of her that she thought were dormant to awaken at full force and tingle with a great urge.  Sure she had seen him around the past few years but mostly at the boy’s birthday parties were there were a lot of people and of course her loving husband Kyle.  She loved Kyle and her life with him was beautiful but Danger’s physical being would always have this effect on her.  He was her first and the father of her two oldest children that would never go away.

“Um…thanks.  Come in.”  She tried to keep her voice steady as to not reveal the yearn she was feeling.

They went to the kitchen were Octavia poured them each a cup of coffee and they headed into the living room and sat down on the couch.  She proceeded to tell him about the whole sorted affair between Porter and Firefly from him chasing her around when he was a child to getting her pregnant as a teenager.  When she was done with her story a grin grew over Danger’s face.

“What are you smiling about?”  Octavia asked.

“Well I am just wondering what you want me to do about it.”

“Danger you are his father.  We needed to figure out what to do about this and guide the boy in the right direction.”  She was exasperated by his lack of concern.

“Let’s not talk about him right now.”  Danger turned sideways and scooted closer to her.  “So how is married life?  Are you happy?”

“What?”  Octavia gave him a glare and turned back to grab her coffee cup from the coffee table.

At the same moment Danger leaned in for a kiss and caught her cheek.

Octavia jumped from the couch, “What the hell?”

Danger was just as quick and was up off the couch grabbing her arm.

“Lord have I missed you.  You look so sexy.”  He pulled her into him and brought his lips to hers.

Her whole body felt on fire and she melted into the man that was oh so wrong for her.  She parted her lips to allow his tongue access and when he took the access a low moan of passion escaped her throat.  His touch was sending sensations through her body the felt like she was getting hit by lighting.  When his lips moved down the length of her chin to the nape of her neck she was ready to give herself to him, but when she turned her head to better the feeling she saw their family picture on the mantel of the fireplace.

All the love she had for Kyle and their family flooded her and pushed away all the other things she was feeling away and she pushed Danger away from her.  “This is wrong.  You are wrong.”  Her face was flushed and she was angry.

Danger just laughed “Octavia Slughorn I will have you again.  Mark my words you beautiful thing.”  He lifted one of his fingers and placed in on her smooth cheek and she pulled away from him in disgust.  He laughed again and slid his hands into his pocket.

They hadn’t realized how late it had gotten and just then kids began to file into the house.

“Mom, Mom.”  Parley yelled running into the living room but stopped dead in her track when she saw a strange man.

“Hi there pretty thing.” Danger placed his hand on Parley’s fire red hair.

“Get your hand off my daughter.”  Octavia said between clenched teeth.  She was trying to hold back tears of guilt.

“Dad?”  Pax and Porter came around the corner.

“Hi boys.  Where’s Percy?”

Octavia was glad that at least he knew who was who and that Percy wasn’t there.  That was something.

“He has after school activities.”  Pax explained as he embraced his dad in a brief hug.  “What are you doing here?”

Danger was a bastard at times but he wasn’t going to sell out Octavia especially with the plans he had now that they had shared such an incredible moment.  “Your mom called me over.  I guess Porter and I have some serious talking to do.”

Octavia couldn’t believe her ears.  She was downright confused by his 180 turn.

Danger walked to Porter and clapped him on the back, “How about you and I head to the Juice Bar and talk?”

Porter looked at Octavia who shook her head, she wanted Danger out of her house and she knew that some time with Danger, who Porter adored, may do some good.”

“So please dad tell me what I should do?” Porter begged.

“Well I say good for you son.  You had some fun with a beautiful older woman.  Now you are done.  There is nothing to worry about now.  Move on.”  Danger took a swig of his tonic and Juice.

“What?  Dad I love her, but I don’t know how I can be with her and our child.  Mom won’t let me see her and I am not old enough to move out and take them in.”  Porter was confused by his dad’s cavalier attitude toward this.  He had always through that Octavia was in the wrong in what happened between the two of them and the lack of time he gets to spend with Danger.

“Since when do you call her mom?”

“Dad that is not the point I need some advice on how to handle this.”

“I told you Son just move on.  Find a new girl, have fun and be young.”

“You know dad I am beginning to think that I have been really wrong about you and mom.”  Porter hung his head in defeat.

“Just remember who you are Porter.  You are me and you will have the same thoughts and feelings and impulses as me.  That is just the way it is.  You can’t avoid it so just embrace it.”

Porter sighs heavily and heads for the door with determination in his heart he vows to show everyone  that he is his own person and his own man.

Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Six

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 6

***Author’s note*** this chapter has some mature topics, but NOTHING like my chapter 1.5.

Her name was Firefly.  Firefly Tuesday and from the moment he saw her from across the park Porter Slughorn knew he had to meet her.  As the next few days passed into weeks he could not stop thinking about the blue haired, red skinned girl.  He had to find out who she was and where she lived.  Even though he was a child he knew what he wanted and this time he wanted to talk to her, to meet her.

Every day after school he would go to various places to see if she was there.  He would stay at his destination till curfew, even doing his homework there.  He knew that the gal was a teenager so he tried to ask Pax about her without making anything to obvious, but his brother was pretty clueless and was no help in locating her.

Then finally his luck changed one day while he was at the gardens.  He spotted her sitting alone on a bench.  He couldn’t believe that a girl like that was alone.  He mustered up the courage and took a seat next to her.

“Hi I’m Porter Zone.”  He introduced himself with a smile.

“I’m Firefly Tuesday.”  She replied with a heavy sigh.

“That’s a pretty name.”  Porter tried to make small talk.  He wanted to get to know this girl.


“You’re new in town aren’t you?”  He tried again.

She looked at him with distain, she was having a very bad day, and said, “Kid you look nice, but why don’t you go and hang out with someone your own age.”  With that she stood up and left the gardens.

Porter did not let that discourage him.  When he got home that night he googled her, what he learned made him want to get to know her better.  She had a blog journal online and he spent the rest of the night reading it.  He learned that she had moved from Sim Angeles after her dad died, her mom Oodee could not bear the noise and the stress.  They had bought a small farmhouse in Riverview, and after reading the description of their new home Porter’s jaw dropped.  The house they lived in was Kyle’s old house, the people who bought it from Kyle sold it to the Tuesday’s and this girl live right next store.  He couldn’t understand how this had escaped him.  He also learned that this girl was a talented writer. She had several deep, passionate pomes on her blog and he loved them all.

Day after day he would find out where she went after school and followed her.  He attempted small talk and everyday she would ignore him or leave, but one day, out of loneliness, she decided to engage in a conversation with him.  She started off with kids stuff, but he soon changed their conversation to arts and literature.  She was very impressed with is knowledge of great poets that soon she forgot about their age gap.


The two became quick friends and made plans to meet at the park often.  They would talk for hours and even have a little fun with the playground equipment.

More than Porter having a new friend was happening at the Slughorn household.

Octavia and Kyle were settling into married life quite easily.  The boys, well minute Porter, were loving calling him dad and seeing their mom happy.  They knew they didn’t have to call him dad, but both boys chose to.  They enjoyed having a man in the house who took an interest in what they thought and did.

Octavia was very worried about Porter and all the time he was spending away from home and how distant he was getting from her and his brother’s, but Kyle told her that he needed space.  He explained that sometimes young boys just need time to figure things out and it was best to give him that time and space and not to smother him.  She decided to listen to Kyle’s advice and see what happened.

Percy was a loner and even though he loved his mother and brothers he did prefer to spend a lot of time alone.  He would spend hours with his blocks building grand buildings and then tearing them down.  Octavia would watch him from the playroom doorway as she fantasized that he would be a great architect someday.  When this young man wasn’t playing with this blocks he was playing wish this imaginary friend Snuggles.  Octavia was worried about that, but she had read that many children had them and eventually they would outgrow it, so she kept a very close eye on her little boy.

Then the family got some great news.  Octavia was expecting.  Everyone was thrilled that there would be a new addition to the Slughorn Clan and secretly Octavia hoped for a girl.

Kyle and Octavia spent many hours discussing that they were turning the Slughorn name into a Legacy and with that they wanted each generation to be taken over by the opposite sex of the first.

Being that she has only boy’s she was confident that there was a good choice among them, and even though Porter refused to take the Slughorn name she could not bear to leave him out so he was among the choices.  This made things a little weird between her and Kyle since Porter was the clone of her ex.  After their first real fight they came to a decision that Kyle would have a clone made and he would be in the running as well.

Not long after Pello, Greek for Stone, Slughorn was brought home.  Instantly Octavia loved him and was so glad they made this decision.

One morning, close to her due date, she was making breakfast when she heard Porter talking in the other room.  She waddled to the door and gingerly pushed it open a few inches and was very concerned at what she heard.

“I can’t wait to see you next.  I will bring you a red rose and read you a sexy poem.”

How could Porter, her young child, be talking like that?  She was about to burst through the door when…..her first contraction hit.

Kyle rushed her to the hospital where she gave birth to their daughter Parley, English meaning Trader, Slughorn.  However, she was born a little underweight and Octavia had some excessive bleeding so instead of the normal two day stay the two Slughorn women had a week stay the local hospital.  Both, turned out to be fine, but when they were released Kyle didn’t take them home.  Instead they were taken to the local hotel where Kyle and the boys had been staying.  Octavia’s aunt had scheduled a remodel to the house long before she passed and she had planned it for now.  The renovation had already been paid for and when Kyle asked for some of the plans to be modified for children they told him it would be no problem, but it would take a couple weeks extra.

So the first three weeks of little Parley’s lives were spent in a hotel.


The house didn’t look the same and Octavia was overjoyed with the beauty of it.  She wished her aunt were around so she could hug her and thank her for all that she did for her.

Her little friend the Gnome was there to greet her as well.  Looking upon his aged face made her sad, but once he jumped on top of his cane she couldn’t help but smile.  As she stepped into her new home she couldn’t help but think of aging and how said that thought was.


Have a pool at home was exciting for Pax.  Most weekends he would invite Bluebell over and a few other friends from school and they would swim and have fun, and if they weren’t at the Slughorn’s then they could be found at the rec-center.  The two were growing quite close and Octavia approved of Bluebell very much.  She was a wonderfully polite Sim and she could see the adoration for her son in her eyes.

Porter and Firefly spent more and more time together.  With all the commotion surrounding Parley’s birth she had forgotten the conversation she had overheard and she didn’t talk to Porter about it.  Porter and Percy were in scouts after school and she loved showing Firefly how to salute and tie knots and most of all he loved showering her with gifts.  He would pick flowers for her from the gardens and he would make her homemade gifts.  The two got many disapproving stares when they were out together especially when people would catch the two of them hugging or holding hands.

Even though nothing more than occasional handholding and hugging happened poor Firefly got a lot of grief at about it at school.  She already had not friends her own age and this made things worse.  For once even Pax wasn’t clueless to what was going on and told her to back off from his little brother, but no matter how hard she tried she was drawn to Porter’s company.  She enjoyed spending time with him.

Pello wasn’t a loner like Percy, but he did enjoy the great outdoors and from the time school let you till he had to be home for dinner he would go fishing or hiking.  His brothers didn’t enjoy the outdoors like he did so many times he found himself alone.  He really needed to make some friends at school.

Percy started coming out of his shell and spend time with his family.  He still didn’t like going to school, even though he had to, and didn’t like to go out with people he didn’t know but playing tag with one of his brothers or playing on the Simbox was great.

He even took a shine to little Parely who’s would be having a birthday soon.

The day of Parley’s birthday came and everyone was so excited for her to move into her next stage of life.  Kyle was eager to teach her new skills, Octavia was looking forward to dressing her in little girl clothes, and the boys were excited to play with her instead of watching her lay in her crib.

 Awe look at her.  She looks just like Kyle, but with her mom’s eyes.  Parley Slughorn you are one cutie in my book.

Porter invited Firefly over for Parley’s party.  This was the first time he had allowed any of his family to meet her.  He was apprehensive, but the two stayed away from the party and spent time on the Simbox in the living room.

Octavia wasn’t very happy to see that Porter’s friend, the one he talked about often, was about 4 years older than he was.  When she expressed this to Kyle he told her that it was innocent and to not get involved.  She was beginning to wonder about his parenting skills, but she took his advice and didn’t say anything.

That night Porter walked Firefly to the mail box and as she bent down to hug him Porter pressed his lips to hers.  This surprised her and she pulled away from him quickly to see a huge smile on his face.  She didn’t know what do or what to say so she bid him goodnight and then all but ran home, up the stairs to her room and threw herself on the bed tears instantly soaked the pillow.

Pello saw what happened from the window and was bewildered.  From what he knew it was wrong for child sims and Teen sims to be romantically involved.

Porter’s smile faded as Pello confronted him.

“Porter you and that girl are wrong.”

Porter got into Pello’s face and raised his fist, “You say anything and I will pound you.”  He shoves Pello out of his way and headed upstairs.  He was going to go and see if Firefly has written anything about their amazing kiss on her blog.

Little Parley had her dad wrapped around her little finger, and he loved being a stay at home dad.  He was a registered fisherman with Riverview, but since the birth of Parley he didn’t spend much time fishing.  He taught her how to walk and she adored him just as much as he did her.

Octavia got the unpleasant job of teaching her how to talk.  All the little girl wanted to do was hum and sing.  Eventually she got it, but it took quite a long time.

Kyle even got her potty trained at a rapid pace.  They were both very proud parents.

Kyle and Octavia talked about having more children and they tried and tried with no results.  Octavia went in for a checkup and after several tests she found out that she could not have any more children.  The excessive bleeding she had with Parley was a symptom of something bigger, but something treatable.  She had another visit to the hospital but in the end she was just fine, but could not having any more kids.  This news devastated her but Kyle assured her over and over that he was happy with their 4 boys and their baby girl.  It took her a long time but finally Octavia came around and started to act like her old self again.


She found comfort in her family.  Playing with and keeping Parley close was great comfort to her.

 And then it was time for another birthday.  Percy was about to embark on teenhood.  The usual suspects were invited and the festivities started.  Everyone had a grand time and as Percy blew out the candles the guests cheered for him.

They say some Sims hit an awkward stage when they hit teenhood, and Percy was no exception.  Some said he had a face only a mother could loved and in a sense they were right, Octavia love him dearly.

He was attached to Parley when he was a child and that didn’t stop as a teen.  He would spend hours with her, chatting and playing with her and he would listen to her childish secrets and pretend they were real.  He was a great big brother and unlike the other two he was not wrapped up in his own life to take time for Parley.

Porter was right behind Percy, but he opted not to have a big party.  Besides there was only one person that he wanted there and she had been avoiding him.  After he aged up he called her up and for once she actually answered.

“Hey beautiful.” He was super excited to hear her voice.

“Shit.”  She muttered.  She hadn’t looked at the caller id and she regretted answering, but his voice sounded a little different and she was curious.  “You sound different.”

“I know.  Will you meet me at the Gazebo Park in twenty minutes?”  He asked.

“I don’t think that is a good idea.  Besides it is raining.”

“Please.  I will see you there.”  He hung up the phone and headed out the door hoping that she would come.

She did arrive and he was so happy to see her, but she was shocked.  She wasn’t expecting him to be a teen when she arrived.

“H…h…hi.”  She stammered.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Hi Firefly I’m so glad you came.  I wanted you to be the first one to see me as a teen.  I wanted to tell you that now we can be together.”  He could not control his excitement and he reached up to stroke her pink cheek but she quickly pushed his hand away.

This took him by surprise.  “What?”

“We can’t do this.  My birthday is tomorrow I’m going to be 18.”  She hung her head in sadness.

“We have tonight then.”  He tried to take her hands, but she pulled them away.  “Fine tell me you don’t want to be with me and I will walk away.”

She lifted her head back up and shouted, “That isn’t it!”

He grabbed her hips and pulled her into him wrapping his arms around her.  “Then what’s the problem?”

Firefly couldn’t resist him any longer.  She knew she was in love with this boy even though it was so very wrong, but for one night they would get no judgment, and she was going to allow herself one night of happiness.  She hugged tight to his shoulders not wanting to ever let go.

He finally pulled away so they could share their first real kiss.  That kiss ignited something deep within both of them and they couldn’t hold back any longer.  He led her behind a grove of fir trees for privacy where their kissing became more intense and passionate.  Soon they both fell to the ground and as the rain pelted Porter’s back the two consummated their love for one another.

He walked her home afterwards.  He with her arm around her waist and she pushing close to his side, neither of them uttered a word knowing that what they just experienced with one another could possibly be their last.  They were both past curfew and neither of them cared.  Firefly knew her mother was still lost in her grief for her dad and never knew what was going on with her daughter and Porter had told Octavia that he was spending the night at Danger’s.

By the pond in front of her house the two shared another kiss and as they pulled away Porter said, “Firefly, I love you.”

“I l…..oh my it is midnight.”

As the age bubbles took over her body Firefly turned 18.

Porter still thought she was the most beautiful thing on the planet.

After that night Firefly would not return his calls or reply to his emails.  He would go over to her house and her mom would send him away.

The separation was killing him.  All he could think about was the feel of her skin and the taste of her lips.  He didn’t understand why she wouldn’t at least talk to him.  He tried keeping himself busy by working out and it help some, but nothing could keep his mind from her.

A month after there one night Porter got a text at 1a.m. from Firefly:  I need to see you.  It is killing me to be so far away from you.  Meet me out back of your house.

Porter quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt and headed quietly outside.  The two climbed up into the tree house with intension of just talking but one thing lead to another and hands began to roam.  Octavia got up to get a drink of water and she heard a commotion coming from the back yard.  She grabbed a flashlight and went to check it out.

When she got outside she saw the tree house shaking and making a creaking noise.  She climbed up the ladder and as she stuck her head in the door she almost fainted from the sight.

Firefly covered herself and screamed and Porter dropped his head back onto the floor letting out a defeated sigh.  Octavia scrambled down the ladder.

Seeing a grown half naked woman atop her teenage son made Octavia feel sick and standing there she couldn’t help but think that Kyle had been wrong all these years.  She should have been more attentive.  She should have squashed their friendship when she thought she should and all she didn’t do has lead to this.

Full of anger Octavia waited for the two of them to come down the ladder.

“You little harlot you get off my property and stay away from my son.  If I catch you near him again I will call the cops.”

“But Mrs. Slughorn…..”

“I don’t want to hear it.  Get out of here and you young man.  You are grounded indefinitely.  Now march your little ass up to your room.”

“Whatever.”  Porter crossed his arms over his chest.

Octavia grabbed his elbow.  “I have had enough of your attitude Mr.  I am your mother and I have been lenient with you because of the circumstances, but no longer.  I love you and I am going to allow you to ruin your life like this.  Now get up to your room.”

Porter decided it would be a good idea to listen and ran at full speed to the house.

The next morning Kyle and Octavia got into the worst argument of their marriage.  When she told Kyle what she had happened he tried to laugh it off and said, “He is a teenage boy with teenage hormones.  Firefly is a very pretty girl and just is just barely a Young Adult.  He has had a crush on her since he was young it was bound to happen.”

Octavia couldn’t believe her ears.  The argument lasted for several weeks resulting in them sleeping in different rooms.  The turnaround point was when Kyle over heard the conversation between Danger and Octavia in regards to the matter.  Danger was boasting about how proud he was of his son and felt that a punishment at all was unnecessary.  Octavia hung up the phone in tears feeling that she was being labeled the bad guy in Porter’s life.   Kyle came up behind her and took her into a loving embrace. That night they had a great talk about the children and decided that they would always be a united front in regards to them.

After that incident Firefly really cut Porter out of her life.  She would not return his calls, texts, emails or IM’s.  She couldn’t believe that she had done such a horrendous thing.  She was embarrassed and needed to get on with her life.

About four months later Porter got a phone call at about 4 a.m.  He sleepily looked at the caller ID and a smile spread over his face, “Hi beautiful.”

“Porter we are in trouble.”  She said solemnly.

He listened to the rest of her announcement in disbelief and when he hung up he was in shock.  He plodded down the stairs to Octavia and Kyle’s room.

“Mom..” He said as he slowly opens the door.

Octavia woke with a start and dismay that he was calling her mom.  She climbed out of bed,  “What is it sweetheart?”

“Uh I have something to tell you.  You aren’t going to like it.”

“You can tell me anything honey.  What is it that has you up so early?”

Shock was plastered on his face as he mustered up the courage to tell her what Firefly had just told him.  He took a big gulp and blurted it out,  “MomFireflyispregnant.”

She didn’t quite understand it.  Well it was more like she didn’t want what she heard to be true.  “I’m sorry.  What was that?”

He took in another deep breath.  “Mom Firefly is pregnant.”

Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Five

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 5


Kyle slid the black velvet box back into his pocket.  He never expected that she would cry over his proposal.  He knew she would think she was surprised but it, but never that she would cry.  He took her hands and led her to the nearby bench.

They sat there in silence as the sun set on Riverview.  Neither of them knew what to say or where to start if they did.

Finally as the street lights came on Kyle turned to hear, by this time her tears had dried up, he took her hands and looked directly into her beautiful pale blue eyes.

“Octavia, I know you don’t love me like you did Danger, but if you really look inside yourself I know you love me.  I can make you and your fantastic boys happy I know I can, but you have to let me in to do it.  I want to become a Slughorn and help make your name well known through the Sim world.  I-“

“You want to take my last name?”  Octavia interrupted.

“Yes!  You are the bravest most wonderful person I know and I want to help make your name a household legacy.”  He tightened his grip on her hands and was pleased when she laced her fingers with his.

Octavia’s throat felt as if it would close for good, but she pushed past that and spoke.  “Kyle, I love having you around and I don’t know what I would do without you, but I don’t know if I love you, and if I do how do I know that my feelings are love and not just sensations like with Danger?”

“You don’t know.  Sometimes you just have to take a change in life.  I thought I loved Misty and we were together for years, but I never felt for her the way I feel for you.  I know I want to take a change with you.  There is no doubt in my mind, but –“

Again Octavia interrupted, “We haven’t even kissed.  We don’t even know we connect on that level.”  Her voice was shrill and cracked with emotion.

Kyle slid closer to her and moved his hand to the back of her head and leaned forward…. Octavia pushed him away.

“No not this way.  This is wrong… it is all wrong.”  The tears once again began spilling down her face.

Kyle hated to see her like this but as he waited for her to arrive earlier he had decided it was all or nothing and he knew that he could never go back.  “I will give you some time to process all this and to figure out how you really feel, but I can’t wait for you forever.  If you haven’t given me an answer in two weeks or the answer is you don’t love me I am going to be leaving Riverview.  There is nothing but you and your boys here for me and if you don’t want me then I need to find myself a new life.”

“Kyle…”  Again Octavia’s voice cracked.  She couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving.  She needed him.

He leaned over, kissed her on her cheek and left her sitting on the cold bench alone.

When she finally dragged herself home she thought that some boding with her boys would be great and luckily they were all home from their dad’s house.  A good game of Sims3 on the Simstation did put a smile on her face, but she couldn’t shake the sinking feeling she had in the pit of her stomach.  She wanted to talk to Kyle, but he was nowhere to be found.  Pax told her when she got home that he hadn’t been home yet.

The next few days Kyle didn’t return home and Octavia worried about him.  She worried if he was okay and if he hated her.  She worried that he would never come home, but as she worried she also thought.

At school Pax found out prom was coming up and he knew exactly who he wanted to ask, but she had missed school the past two days.  Saturday morning rolled around and he called her up asking if she could meet him at the activities park.  She quickly agreed and even though he hated the outdoors he headed out the door.

When he got there he found her waiting for him at the mouth of the park.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  Her beautiful long hair was no longer.  It was chopped short and spiky.

“Wow Bluebell you cut your hair.”  He didn’t really know what to think about it.

She bowed her head and looked at her shoes.  “I know it is awful.  My dad bought us a chemistry set and my sister was playing with it and I went to get her for dinner and I got caught in the explosion and my hair caught fire.”

“What?!?  That is awful.  Are you all okay?”

“Yeah we are both fine nothing more but my hair was harmed.”  She sniffled trying to keep the tears from escaping her eyes.

Pax didn’t like seeing her so said. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so that their eyes met.  When they did he realized that it isn’t her hair that he was crazy about but her.

“There was a reason I asked you here today.”  He said pushing the toe of his shoe into the dirt.

“Really?”  Her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink and on top of her blue skin it was breathtaking to Pax.

“Yeah, Um… I wanted to …. Ah… ask you … if you.. uh wanted to… um go … ah… with me to prom?”  His question was drawn out and all over the place.

Bluebell was taken off guard.  She never thought in a million years that her crush may like her back and she blurted out,  “YES!” and then her cheeks grew even redder.

“Well I am glad that it is a yes.”  He laughed.  “Oh and just for the record I love your hair.”  He winked at her and she knew that she would do her best to make him hers.

The next week the two found themselves inseparable.  They ate lunch together, sat next to each other in every class they could and always talking about their plans for the prom.

The night finally came and the two had a grand time.  They acted silly and were two great kids at a party, but as they danced close Bluebell whispered into Pax’s ear, “Pax Slughorn one day you will be mine.”

He just chuckled it off as being the mood and didn’t reply.  After the dance a bunch of the kids, including the two of them, went to the activities park to hang out and watch the sunrise.  It was the only night of the year that Riverview lifted the teen curfew.

As the sun rose over the horizon Pax and Bluebell shared their first of many kisses.

 As her oldest was out finding a new love and have a grand time Octavia and Porter had a breakthrough.  He never called her mom and always talked about Danger like he was his idol.  Octavia desperately wanted Porter to know that he was his own person.  He may be Danger’s clone, but he was his own living breathing person with his own feelings and decisions to make.  That night Porter wasn’t feeling well and allowed Octavia to dote over him.  She fixed him chicken soup and when she tucked him into bed he allowed her to kiss is little head.  Heart broken heart started to mend a little that night.  You see Kyle still had not come home or called or anything.

Two weeks had passed since Kyle proposed to Octavia.  She found herself waiting for him on the front porch.  As she sat there sipping her coffee the morning dew soaked threw her flannel pj’s.  She was mesmerized by a cute little gnome who was dancing in the yard trying to make her smile at no avail.

The only time a smile played on her lips was when she watched Kyle’s car put into the driveway.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?”  He asked in a monotone voice as he sat down next to her.  He had a sinking feeling that she was going to send him away and the past two weeks he had been preparing to leave.

“I was hoping you would come home today.”  She replied solemnly.

“Well I did and do you have an answer for me?”  He folded his hands in his lap and looked down at them.

“Kyle…. I…”  She couldn’t form the words she was thinking.

He rubbed his hands on his faded overalls and stood up, “I figured.  I will get my stuff packed up and will be out of here as quick as I can.”

Octavia stood up quickly and threw her cup down and got into his face.  “Listen to me.”  She shouted taking Kyle back a step.  “I am terrified of his and all I know is that I can’t live without you.  Do you still have the damn ring?”  Her anger took over and her face grew red.

“Um… of course I do.”  He stammered.

“We don’t need another big production for this.  Just slip it on my finger, okay.”  She held out her shaking hand.

Kyle pulled the box from his pocket and after pulling the ring out of the box he slide it on her finger.  Octavia smiled widely at the man that would finally make her a wife.

After that things started too happened pretty fast.  Kyle insisted on having a semi-big wedding and that Octavia have a bachelorette party.  He wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on a thing.

She had invited her family, but her parents were ailing and since she had never been very close to her siblings they couldn’t take the time out of their own lives to make the trip.  Kyle had no family left so that meant that their wedding party and guest would be the boys and friends.

Over the years Misty and Octavia started to rebuild their friendship, but they weren’t as close as they use to be.  Octavia had a new close friend.  Her name was Breeka Blush and she was Octavia’s maid of honor.


At the bachelorette party Breeka made a beautiful speech about the love Octavia and Kyle shared and then as everyone lifted their glasses for the toast she hit Octavia in the face with the alcohol.

Octavia got Breeka back when she was least expecting it.  The woman had a grand time and the following day they went dress shopping.

She would be the bell of the ball the picture of beauty at her wedding.

Many of you may be wondering what the boys think of all this.  Pax and Percival were thrilled at the thought of Kyle being a Slughorn, but Porter was not thrilled.  He had never taken on the Slughorn name and all he wanted was to move in with Danger, but Octavia and the courts would not let that happen.  However, even though he didn’t like it he didn’t cause a scene.  Thank goodness for small favors.

Finally the big day arrived and Octavia woke up in awe.  It was her wedding day.  After all those years of Danger stringing her along she never thought this day would ever arrive.


 “Octavia Brenda Slughorn, it has taken us a long time to get here and I for one will never let it go.  I vow to make you happy, treat you with respect and love your boys.  Till death do us part my love.”  He put the ring on her finger.

“Kyle Brundel Time, we started out as friends and now I can’t see my life without you in it.  It took me a long time to figure out that I love you.  I vow to you that I will treat you with respect and love you till death do us part.”

They shared their first kiss as husband and wife and as they turned to great their guests the minister presented them as Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Slughorn.

Breeka had been in charge of the cake and she did a wonderful job of it.  The cake was fluffy and delicious.  The guests had a grand time.

The party dance well after sunset.

Finally Octavia and Kyle left their party and headed to the limo that would take them to the hotel for the night and as Porter Zone watched the woman who wanted him to call her mother and her new husband drive away he spotted something across the park.

The sight was something that he knew would change his life forever.