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Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Eight

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 8

*****There is some adult content in this post..

Please know this before reading*****

Time went along for the Slughorn’s.  Daily life was full of making lunches, making sure kids got to school, continuing  careers and making sure kids did their homework and were respectful.

As Firefuly’s belly grew Porter and Octavia began to get more and more divided.  Octavia forbid him to see her and he wanted nothing more than to see her.  However he was still a minor so seeing Firefly was hard and it happened less and less as time went on.

 Then one day Parley and Pello came home from school and Pello was complaining about his stomach and head.  Kyle swooped him up into this manly arms and the poor kid was burning up with fever.  Leaning in with worry Octavia asked if he wanted some soup in bed.  Pello gave her a weak nod and Kyle carried him upstairs and Octavia went into the kitchen.

They put him in their bed and stayed with him all night.  His fever finally lifted at about 4am.

The whole time Octavia couldn’t help but wonder and worry that this was the doing of that Jennifer she met in a dream once.  She even took up muttering the name asking her to make Pello okay.  This was something the Slughorn’s had never experienced before and hoped to never experience again.

A few days later Pello Slughorn was back to his friendly sweet self.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun as the old saying goes and the Slughorn family was no different, and one saturday morning Porter got a phone call from Mrs. Tuesday telling him Firefly was in labor. That day he experienced one of his greatest disappointments of his life.

“Mom, Kyle I need to go to the hospital.”  Porter shouted running down the stairs.

“Why what’s wrong?”  Octavia grabbed his shoulders as he hit the bottom step.

“Firefly is in labor.  I need to go.  Can I borrow the car?”

Now dear reader our wonderful Octavia, like many of us, is flawed and at the time she thought she was doing the right thing, but in the end she ended up regretting it.

“No and you aren’t going to the hospital either.”  her voice was full of venom as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“What?  Are you kidding me?”  If looks could kill Octavia Slughorn would not be alive to pass down her legacy to the next generation.

“Don’t look at me like that young man.  Until she requests a pertertity test and that says you are the father then and only then will you be able to see her or that baby.  Now march your butt back upstairs.”

The two proceeded to get into a horrible fight that broke any chance of them ever being close again, but in the end Octavia won and Porter stormed up the stairs muttering about how much he hated Octavia.  That day he stayed in his room thinking and wondering if Danger was right, was he going to be a good for nothing man like his father?

That night he got a text from Firefly and this is what it said:

Octavia?  Well you have not one but two daughters.  Ana and Robin and they are beautiful.  I would never keep you from them, but just know I have conceded….Octavia wins.  I love you and I miss you…..I shouldn’t have said that.  Bye.

The text broke Porter’s heart and he vowed he would find a way to see his girls.

That night Kyle and Octavia also got into a fight.  He knew how he felt about his own Pello and Parley and he loved the other boys as his own.  He was on Porter’s side and thought that Octavia was being unreasonable.

And as all good fights do it ended in passion.  The feel of Octavia’s flesh on his excited Kyle.  Since they had found out Porter got Firefly pregnant Octavia hadn’t allowed him to make love to her, but like so many times before as their passion grew Octavia pulled away and the two sunk into their frequent habit of going to bed angry at each other.

Time passed and Porter started skipping school, sneaking out of the house and becoming very distant with his family.

Why you may ask:

Because of Robin and

Ana.  He just could not stay away from them.  He could not allow his father, the man he was cloned after, to be right about his character.  After the first day he saw these two he was hooked and his girls had him wrapped around their little fingers. Despite having to be sneaky and having to lie about where he was going he was happy that he was in his girl’s lives.  The only thing that wasn’t working in his favor was Firefly kept him away.  When he was there she would go into another room or leave the house just to stay away from him.  She barely even spoke to him.

Then before everyone knew it Halloween was upon them and costume planning was in full effect.  Octavia had the great idea that she and Parley would have mother daughter bonding at the costume shop. They had a great time trying on different outfits.

A Bloody nurse?

A Dark Fairy?

A serial killer?

A warty witch?

What did they choose?  In the end they were:

A Sexy nurse and a

a fun-loving fairy.

The boys were:

Kyle as a sexy nurse to match his wife.

Pax was a handsome, brave knight.

Percy was a video game superhero.

Porter, who liked to show off his chiseled body, went as a caveman.

And our next heir Pello went as Frankenstein’s monster, but if you ask me he was way too cute to be scary.

Everyone had plans for the holiday the Slughorn’s loved so much.

Percy had worked up some courage earlier in the week and asked beautiful Margo Strickland out to the new arcade, **He is a Loner not a loser people**, and he was completed floored when she agreed.  He told her they were having a costume party and to meet him there in her best costume.

“What are you suppose to be?” Percy asked nervously as he approached her.

“Um….” she bit her bottom lip and looked down at her clothes.  “I am suppose to be a taunting librarian.  You really didn’t give me a lot of time to get a great costume.”  She pouted.

“Well I think you look taunting.”  He boldly took her hand and led her into the building.

They spent the day playing video games and talking.  Percy couldn’t believe how close she stood behind him when she watched him get high score and when she placed her hands on his shoulders as she got excited….he was thrilled he worked up his courage.

As the night wound down they went up to the balcony level to get a break from the crowd.  They sat together on the couch and as Margo snuggled close to him a huge smile spread on Percy’s face.  He was falling for her and he was falling fast.

The quirky girl took his hand, that wasn’t around her shoulders, and slid it just under her skit and allowed it to rest.  She turned to him,  “Touch me Percy.”

“Uh….what?”  Percy wasn’t used to socializing outside his family and he really didn’t know how to react.

“Touch me.”

She parted her lips and moved into him.  Percy Slughorn shared his first kiss with the beautiful Margo Strickland in a public place and he almost got to second base as his hand crept farther and farther up her leg, but  as their making out got heated it was discovered that Margo had some weird “make-out” sounds and the employee working at the arcade that night came up and asked them to leave.  He told them that it was inappropriate to conduct themselves in such a manner.  They walked home together that night, two blissful teenagers with grins on their faces.


Porter had been blessed somewhere in his life and roughly a month before Halloween Octavia and he had a really great talk where he pointed out that Danger was a lousy father and keeping him from his girls was aiding him to be just like Danger.  Finally Octavia saw the big picture and consented him in seeing his daughters, but she still forbid him a relationship with Firefly.

“As long as you live in my house you will respect that.”

He was just so elated that he agreed and Halloween was his first holiday he got to spend with this girls.

“What the hell are you suppose to be?”  Porter demanded as Firefly opened the door.

She was scantily dressed and he thought she looked sexy, but didn’t want anyone else to see her.  His heart was still hers and he didn’t want to take the chance of anyone else stealing her away from him.

“Don’t start with me Porter.  The girls are waiting for you.”  Her tone was icy.

Before Mrs. Tuesday left for the night she insisted on getting a family photo.  Both Firefly and Porter felt their forbidden passion for one another as they sat there with their beautiful girls.

Porter spent the day and well into the evening playing with his girls.  Robin was very ticklish.
While Ana loved to be tossed in the air.

It was time for bed and Firefly and Porter each picked up one of their sleepy babies and carried them up to the stairs.

After PJ’s on, and a fun kid friendly Halloween story was read Porter and Firefly tip towed out of the room.

As Firefly turned around, pulling the door behind her, Porter couldn’t resist anymore and slams her against the door attacking her exposed neck with this mouth.

“Oh God this is so wrong.”  Firefly moans pulling him closer.  “But not here the girls will hear us.”  Taking his hand she leads him down the stairs and to the couch.

She straddled him and ran her figures though his beautiful blue hair.

“Why is it that we always want what is wrong for us.”  She asks bring her lips to his.

Labored breathing filled the Tuesday household as the two pawed at one another.
When Porter couldn’t take it anymore he pushed her back with intentions of taking this make-out session farther.  As he slid up her dress and grabbed her undergarment Firefly’s hand came crashing down on his.

“No,”  She pushed him up.  “I can’t do this. I can’t keep doing this.  You are wrong for me Porter.”

Looking into her eyes he saw that she was serious, but also saw great sadness.  Getting off the couch in a huff he headed for the door.

Seeing the anger in his eyes Firefly’s heart takes over and she rushes to him grabbing him from behind.

“Don’t leave angry.  Please don’t leave angry.  I do love you, we just aren’t meant to be.”

“Firefly Tuesday I will be eighteen soon and then things will be very different.  Just you wait and see.  I will be over next week to see the girls.”  With that he pushes her back and walks out the door.

After leaving Firefly’s house Porter did something highly illegal and was lucky that he wasn’t caught.  Rage burned in him as hot as the sun he took it out on the one person he blamed for his bad luck.

While his dad, Danger, was out for the night and his wife Missy was away on business Porter Zone toilet papered Danger’s house and left a flaming poop bag on his porch.


Pax had a party to attend.  He was a very popular kid and the teens of town decided to have a Halloween party at the local park. Everyone who was everyone was at the party and Pax enjoyed mingling it up.

To his surprise and excitement the new girl Jade Each was in attendance.  Yes had a girlfriend but he was a teenage boy and he found this new girl very attractive.

“Come dance with me!”  Jade ordered as she pulled Pax closer to the stereo.  The two grooved to a very famous Halloween song, laughing the whole time.

Being new to the school Jade felt uncomfortable and out-of-place, but Pax had been nice to her from the get go and she found herself crushing on her cute shining knight.  Sure she knew that he was dating Bluebell Red, but they were in high school how serious could it really be?

“I need to take a break and get something to drink.”  Pax leaned in and told his dance partner.  Jade nodded her head and Pax took off to the juice bar.

Not knowing that someone spiked the juice Pax grabbed a glass and downed it in one gulp.  “Damn that was good.”  Still thirsty he drank another one just as quickly.

Bluebell, who always had to have everything go just right, flitted around the party making sure everyone, but her man, was having a good time.  She watched Pax stagger to the monkey bars and easy himself down to the ground, but never thought much of it.

“Whatcha doing?”  Jade joined Pax on the ground.

“Just feeling pretty light-headed.  I need to sit.”  Pax grabbed his head.

“um, Pax, how many glasses of juice did you drink?

“Two why?”

“Honey someone spiked it.”  Jade laughed and in the same instant she found this to be the perfect opportunity to make her move.

She pushed him to the ground and rolled on top of him.

“What are you doing”  Pax questioned.

“Giving in to temptation.”  She giggled as she leaned in, but before their lips met she was pulled away from him by her hair.

“Keep your grubby hands off my man.”  Bluebell had finally given some attention to Pax and when she saw what was going on her evil side took control and she sprinted to the scene.  Keeping a tight hold on the girls blue hair she pulled her farther and farther from Pax.

Soon a crowd of kids surrounded them and the two girls got into a full-blown fight.  A bloody lip and a black eye later the two girls stood in front of each other panting like dogs giving each other the stink eye.

“He is mine so stay away.”  Bluebell wiped the blood from her lip with the back of her hand.

“He can do what he wants and if he wants me then you can’t stop him.”  Jade poked at her swollen eye.

Pax watched the two girls in disbelief not understating how their good time turned into this.  His head still pounding he walked home leaving both girls behind.


“Come on, come on let me take your picture.”  Octavia instructs Parley and Pello to get together.  They were getting ready to head out trick or treating but first Octavia wanted pictures.

The two animated children did many silly poses for their mother and had a great time posing in their costumes.  “You two are silly.”  Octavia said as she browsed the pictures on her digital camera.  “Now before you go who is going to recite the rules for me?”

Both kids sighed but Parley accommodated.  “Stick together.  Don’t eat any of the candy before you and dad can look at it and we must be back by 8pm.”

“Now you two have fun and please be careful.”

“We will mom.”  The two yelled as they ran out of the house.

“So are you still game?”  Pello asked when they were down the street from the house.

“Sure but wont mom and dad be suspicious if we don’t come home with candy?”

“We will still stop at houses along the way, but I just gotta see who lives in that creepy house across town.”

Making their way across town they would walk up to houses, ring the bell and yell trick or treat and their friends and neighbors would drop things into their plastic bags such as candy bars, hard candy and one house even gave toothbrushes.

Finally they found themselves standing in front of the run down shack that the kids in school kept saying was haunted.  The two stood looking at it for sometime and finally Pello took Parley’s hand and led her to the door.

Then bravely he knocked on the door and they took a step back waiting for someone to answer.

As the sun began to set a very crabby man answered the door.  “What do you stinking kids what?”  He bellowed loudly.

The man’s tone and anger surprised and even frightend the children.  Standing before them was a honest to God Berry Sims.  They had only heard about them, but had never met one.  Sure they had regurlar blue, red, and green sims, but not Berries.

“Get off my property before I call the cops.”  The man conintued yelling.

Pello and Parley had always read that Berry sims were suppose to be nice but this man was anything but nice.  They were frozen in place and coulnd’t run if they wanted to.

A boy, around Parley’s age, ran out of the house.  “Stop.  I am so sorry about my dad.”  He was so excited to see the kids that he even pumped his arm in the air in victory.  “He doesn’t like children much.  We are the Sour’s.  I’m Midori and my dad’s name is Cranberry.”

“Midori…” Cranberry began.

“Dad can you please go inside.  It will be okay.  I need to get to know some of the kids around here.”

With a grumbling huff Cranberry headed back inside.

“Again I am sorry.”  Midori offered.

Calming down Pello took the lead.  “No problem.  He just took us by surprise is all.  So you two are real life Berry Sims, huh?”

“Yeah we just moved here.”  Midori didn’t like talking about the fact he was a Berry Sim and tried to divert the converstaion.

Pello got it and didn’t push farther.  “We are Pello and Parley Slughorn,” Pello pointed to his sister, “So why haven’t we seen you in school?”

“My dad hasn’t enrolled me yet.  He isn’t use to the parenting thing yet.  I was raised by my mom until six months ago when she passed.  There was no one else to take me and even though he hates children he did the right thing I guess.

“Man that stinks.”  Pello offers.

“It is what it is.”  Midori looked over at Parley who hasn’t said a word the whole time.  She was still pretty shaken up by Cranberry’s outburst.  “Can you talk pretty girl.”  He pushed up his mask thinking that was what was scaring her from talking to him.

Parley had a temper and she stuck her jaw out.  She didn’t like the way he said pretty girl to her.  “Of course I can talk.  I just have standards on who I talk to.”  She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Wow I like your spirt pretty girl.  You and I will be great friends.”  He winked at her.

“I wouldn’t be friends with you if you were the last boy on earth.  Come on Pello we have to be going if we are going to make it home by cerfew.”  The two began to walk toward the road.

“Wait, Pretty Girl, wait!”  Midori yelled.

Parley froze in anger.  “Quit calling me that.”  She spit.

Then without warning Midori Sour place a sweet kiss on Parely Slughorn’s green cheek shocking Parley beyond the pretty girl words.

She grabbed Pello’s arm and dragged him away fromthe Sour house.

As the Slughorn kids walked away Midori Sour said,  “Parley Slughorn you and I are meant to be.”

“I think someone has a crush.”  Pello taunted as when they were out of ear shot.

“Shut up.”  With that they walked the rest of the way home in silence.


A few days before Halloween Octavia had discoved that their local night club was having a costume contest and since all the kids would be out Octaiva and Kyle decided they would take the night, go out, have fun and work on their dwindling romance.

They got Pello and Parely on their way and changed into their own costumes and headed to the club.

When they got there they had a great time.  The turn out wasn’t great and they ended up winning the costurme contest by default really, but they had a great, that was until HE showed up.

After some dancing the couple sat down to get a bite to eat and who should show up but Danger.

“Hi you two.  Didn’t expect to see the boredom’s here.”  Danger snickered.

Octavia grabed Kyle’s hand for calmness, but found none there.  “Go away Danger.”  Was all she could muster to say.

But go away he didn’t.

He followed them around the rest of the night.  To the bubble machine…..

To the dance floor where Octavia couldn’t take her eyes off him.  Watching his rippling muscles, dressed in very tight black leather, retract as he moved made her face flush red with desire.  Kyle could see every look and every vibe between the two of them and he was not liking it one bit.

“Babe, I think we should head home.”  He took her hand.

“Okay but first I have to go to the little girls room.”

As she exits the bathroom Danger is waiting for her.  “Your husband thinks I left.”  He grinned.

“Where’s Misty?”  Octaiva inquired.

“Out of town, but who cares.”  He cornered against the wall.

“Danger please.  Let me pass.”  But when he placed his lips to hers she can’t help herself and snakes her arms around his neck and melted into him.  There kissing was hot and passionate and it was making Octavia’s whole body tingle.

Then without warning Danger pulled away and leaned his forehead to hers.  “Go home with your husband tonight Octavia just remember you are mine and you have always been mine.  Soon I will have you again.”

His words set Octavia off.  She wasn’t his play thing.  “You listen to me Danger Zone…”

“No you listen to me.  You are mine.  Now go home.”  Danger pushed himself off the wall and walked away leaving Octavia feeling an array of emotions from lust, to  guilt to anger.

Octavia and Kyle’s ride home was quite.  Octavia was trying to figure out what happened and Kyle was just stewing about Danger ruining their good time.  When hey arrived home they checked on the children and headed to their room.

Octavia went into their bathroom and washed off her make-up and slipped out of her costume.  Her body was still on fire and the thought of Danger’s intoxicating scent was on her mind.  She decided the best way to make these feelings go away was to make love to her husband.  The man she loved, the man she had chosen to spend her life with.

She came up behind him and incited him by whispering lowly into his ear.  “Make love to me.”  She could barley get the words out she was filled with so much desire.

“Gladly.”  He said as he spun her around and led her to the bed.  He was glad that she hadn’t forgotten that tonight was about trying to find one another again.

“Don’t be gentle with me.”  Staring into his face, but who she was seeing wasn’t Kyle, but Danger.

“Your wish is my command.”  He flipped her over and took control.

It didn’t take them long to be void of all clothing and finding pleasure with each other.  Kyle couldn’t help but think about how different it was.  How crazy, wild, passionate and even a little kinky it was.  Perhaps the long time span since the last time made it this good, maybe it was the dark holiday that drove her wild, but whatever it was it was hot.

As he hit her sweet spot he had to watch her expression.  Seeing her tuck her lip under her teeth and squeeze her eyes shut drove him to his own euphoria.  Their room filled with loud sounds of pleasure and just before Kyle laid his head on her shoulder motionless trying to hold back his tears of disappointment, Octavia made her drive for being so free with her sexuality know by digging her nails in Kyle’s back and screaming Danger’s name.

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