Poll for Generation 2


6 thoughts on “Poll for Generation 2

  1. This is blasphemy! Bloody blasphemy! PORTER SHOULD BE HEIRRRRRRR! D: No me gusta. -______-

  2. Ashley says:

    I had a really tough time voting with this one. I adore Pello. He is such a cutie, but he isn’t Octavia’s blood son so he has none of her features to pass on to the future. Same with Porter. I am in love with his story and would really love to see where it would go if he was heir, but he has none of Octavia’s features.

    Torn, but I voted!

    • slughorn28 says:

      I never even thought of that part…. good thinking, but so far it looks like Octavia’s genes may fall by the weigh side as Pello is in the lead. Thanks for voting Ashley *hugs*

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