Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Five

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 5


Kyle slid the black velvet box back into his pocket.  He never expected that she would cry over his proposal.  He knew she would think she was surprised but it, but never that she would cry.  He took her hands and led her to the nearby bench.

They sat there in silence as the sun set on Riverview.  Neither of them knew what to say or where to start if they did.

Finally as the street lights came on Kyle turned to hear, by this time her tears had dried up, he took her hands and looked directly into her beautiful pale blue eyes.

“Octavia, I know you don’t love me like you did Danger, but if you really look inside yourself I know you love me.  I can make you and your fantastic boys happy I know I can, but you have to let me in to do it.  I want to become a Slughorn and help make your name well known through the Sim world.  I-“

“You want to take my last name?”  Octavia interrupted.

“Yes!  You are the bravest most wonderful person I know and I want to help make your name a household legacy.”  He tightened his grip on her hands and was pleased when she laced her fingers with his.

Octavia’s throat felt as if it would close for good, but she pushed past that and spoke.  “Kyle, I love having you around and I don’t know what I would do without you, but I don’t know if I love you, and if I do how do I know that my feelings are love and not just sensations like with Danger?”

“You don’t know.  Sometimes you just have to take a change in life.  I thought I loved Misty and we were together for years, but I never felt for her the way I feel for you.  I know I want to take a change with you.  There is no doubt in my mind, but –“

Again Octavia interrupted, “We haven’t even kissed.  We don’t even know we connect on that level.”  Her voice was shrill and cracked with emotion.

Kyle slid closer to her and moved his hand to the back of her head and leaned forward…. Octavia pushed him away.

“No not this way.  This is wrong… it is all wrong.”  The tears once again began spilling down her face.

Kyle hated to see her like this but as he waited for her to arrive earlier he had decided it was all or nothing and he knew that he could never go back.  “I will give you some time to process all this and to figure out how you really feel, but I can’t wait for you forever.  If you haven’t given me an answer in two weeks or the answer is you don’t love me I am going to be leaving Riverview.  There is nothing but you and your boys here for me and if you don’t want me then I need to find myself a new life.”

“Kyle…”  Again Octavia’s voice cracked.  She couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving.  She needed him.

He leaned over, kissed her on her cheek and left her sitting on the cold bench alone.

When she finally dragged herself home she thought that some boding with her boys would be great and luckily they were all home from their dad’s house.  A good game of Sims3 on the Simstation did put a smile on her face, but she couldn’t shake the sinking feeling she had in the pit of her stomach.  She wanted to talk to Kyle, but he was nowhere to be found.  Pax told her when she got home that he hadn’t been home yet.

The next few days Kyle didn’t return home and Octavia worried about him.  She worried if he was okay and if he hated her.  She worried that he would never come home, but as she worried she also thought.

At school Pax found out prom was coming up and he knew exactly who he wanted to ask, but she had missed school the past two days.  Saturday morning rolled around and he called her up asking if she could meet him at the activities park.  She quickly agreed and even though he hated the outdoors he headed out the door.

When he got there he found her waiting for him at the mouth of the park.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  Her beautiful long hair was no longer.  It was chopped short and spiky.

“Wow Bluebell you cut your hair.”  He didn’t really know what to think about it.

She bowed her head and looked at her shoes.  “I know it is awful.  My dad bought us a chemistry set and my sister was playing with it and I went to get her for dinner and I got caught in the explosion and my hair caught fire.”

“What?!?  That is awful.  Are you all okay?”

“Yeah we are both fine nothing more but my hair was harmed.”  She sniffled trying to keep the tears from escaping her eyes.

Pax didn’t like seeing her so said. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so that their eyes met.  When they did he realized that it isn’t her hair that he was crazy about but her.

“There was a reason I asked you here today.”  He said pushing the toe of his shoe into the dirt.

“Really?”  Her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink and on top of her blue skin it was breathtaking to Pax.

“Yeah, Um… I wanted to …. Ah… ask you … if you.. uh wanted to… um go … ah… with me to prom?”  His question was drawn out and all over the place.

Bluebell was taken off guard.  She never thought in a million years that her crush may like her back and she blurted out,  “YES!” and then her cheeks grew even redder.

“Well I am glad that it is a yes.”  He laughed.  “Oh and just for the record I love your hair.”  He winked at her and she knew that she would do her best to make him hers.

The next week the two found themselves inseparable.  They ate lunch together, sat next to each other in every class they could and always talking about their plans for the prom.

The night finally came and the two had a grand time.  They acted silly and were two great kids at a party, but as they danced close Bluebell whispered into Pax’s ear, “Pax Slughorn one day you will be mine.”

He just chuckled it off as being the mood and didn’t reply.  After the dance a bunch of the kids, including the two of them, went to the activities park to hang out and watch the sunrise.  It was the only night of the year that Riverview lifted the teen curfew.

As the sun rose over the horizon Pax and Bluebell shared their first of many kisses.

 As her oldest was out finding a new love and have a grand time Octavia and Porter had a breakthrough.  He never called her mom and always talked about Danger like he was his idol.  Octavia desperately wanted Porter to know that he was his own person.  He may be Danger’s clone, but he was his own living breathing person with his own feelings and decisions to make.  That night Porter wasn’t feeling well and allowed Octavia to dote over him.  She fixed him chicken soup and when she tucked him into bed he allowed her to kiss is little head.  Heart broken heart started to mend a little that night.  You see Kyle still had not come home or called or anything.

Two weeks had passed since Kyle proposed to Octavia.  She found herself waiting for him on the front porch.  As she sat there sipping her coffee the morning dew soaked threw her flannel pj’s.  She was mesmerized by a cute little gnome who was dancing in the yard trying to make her smile at no avail.

The only time a smile played on her lips was when she watched Kyle’s car put into the driveway.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?”  He asked in a monotone voice as he sat down next to her.  He had a sinking feeling that she was going to send him away and the past two weeks he had been preparing to leave.

“I was hoping you would come home today.”  She replied solemnly.

“Well I did and do you have an answer for me?”  He folded his hands in his lap and looked down at them.

“Kyle…. I…”  She couldn’t form the words she was thinking.

He rubbed his hands on his faded overalls and stood up, “I figured.  I will get my stuff packed up and will be out of here as quick as I can.”

Octavia stood up quickly and threw her cup down and got into his face.  “Listen to me.”  She shouted taking Kyle back a step.  “I am terrified of his and all I know is that I can’t live without you.  Do you still have the damn ring?”  Her anger took over and her face grew red.

“Um… of course I do.”  He stammered.

“We don’t need another big production for this.  Just slip it on my finger, okay.”  She held out her shaking hand.

Kyle pulled the box from his pocket and after pulling the ring out of the box he slide it on her finger.  Octavia smiled widely at the man that would finally make her a wife.

After that things started too happened pretty fast.  Kyle insisted on having a semi-big wedding and that Octavia have a bachelorette party.  He wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on a thing.

She had invited her family, but her parents were ailing and since she had never been very close to her siblings they couldn’t take the time out of their own lives to make the trip.  Kyle had no family left so that meant that their wedding party and guest would be the boys and friends.

Over the years Misty and Octavia started to rebuild their friendship, but they weren’t as close as they use to be.  Octavia had a new close friend.  Her name was Breeka Blush and she was Octavia’s maid of honor.


At the bachelorette party Breeka made a beautiful speech about the love Octavia and Kyle shared and then as everyone lifted their glasses for the toast she hit Octavia in the face with the alcohol.

Octavia got Breeka back when she was least expecting it.  The woman had a grand time and the following day they went dress shopping.

She would be the bell of the ball the picture of beauty at her wedding.

Many of you may be wondering what the boys think of all this.  Pax and Percival were thrilled at the thought of Kyle being a Slughorn, but Porter was not thrilled.  He had never taken on the Slughorn name and all he wanted was to move in with Danger, but Octavia and the courts would not let that happen.  However, even though he didn’t like it he didn’t cause a scene.  Thank goodness for small favors.

Finally the big day arrived and Octavia woke up in awe.  It was her wedding day.  After all those years of Danger stringing her along she never thought this day would ever arrive.


 “Octavia Brenda Slughorn, it has taken us a long time to get here and I for one will never let it go.  I vow to make you happy, treat you with respect and love your boys.  Till death do us part my love.”  He put the ring on her finger.

“Kyle Brundel Time, we started out as friends and now I can’t see my life without you in it.  It took me a long time to figure out that I love you.  I vow to you that I will treat you with respect and love you till death do us part.”

They shared their first kiss as husband and wife and as they turned to great their guests the minister presented them as Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Slughorn.

Breeka had been in charge of the cake and she did a wonderful job of it.  The cake was fluffy and delicious.  The guests had a grand time.

The party dance well after sunset.

Finally Octavia and Kyle left their party and headed to the limo that would take them to the hotel for the night and as Porter Zone watched the woman who wanted him to call her mother and her new husband drive away he spotted something across the park.

The sight was something that he knew would change his life forever.


16 thoughts on “Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Five

  1. wellslegacy says:

    >.< YESSSS! I'm so happy they're married! I understand why Octavia was so nervous, but I'm sure that they will be super happy together ❤
    Ooooh! Porter what did ya spot!?
    Great update, Jen ❤

    • slughorn28 says:

      Thank you so much. I am so glad you like it, and with our talks and what i have shown you I am sure you can guess what Porter has spotted 😉

      Thank you every so much for reading.


  2. Leiah Aurora Mistoffelees says:

    REALLY awesome post! I’m excited to find out what Porter saw, and I’m so happy that Octavia and Kyle finally got married. Your writing flows so nicely, it has me hooked!

    • slughorn28 says:

      Awe thank you so much Leiah…

      I can’t wait to reveal Porter’s story line. Pretty soon I will have a poll up for the readers to decide who they want to be Heir. I hope you will vote.


  3. Hailey says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! SHE SAID YES! OH I’M SOO EXCITED!!! 😀 I wonder what Porter saw! O_O Can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

    ~Hailey aka Dawnie

    • slughorn28 says:

      Thank you so much Dawn for reading and for taking time to comment. I hope everyone likes what is coming… It is going to be a whopper of a storyline with Porter…

      Jen AKA Ashby

  4. Ashley says:

    I knew that I liked Kyle better! The wedding and Octavia looked absolutely beautiful. I have a feeling about what Porter saw and I really hope he doesn’t fall for it. Although if I’m right, Porter is young and this is what he wants more then anything so he probably will fall for it.

    Hopefully I’m surprised and Porter doesn’t end up getting hurt (or worse, hurting Octavia)

    • slughorn28 says:

      hmmmm now I am curious to know what you are thinking. Yeah I like Kyle better, but it is going to be weird when Porter gets older… he is going to look just like Danger…. LOL….

      Thank you so much for reading Ashley my friend.


  5. “Do you still have the damn ring?… We don’t need another big production for this. Just slip it on my finger, okay.” She did not seem very happy about that. O.o My feelings would have been hurt if I were Kyle. x.x Their wedding party was beautiful, though! ❤ Hmmmm, is it what I think it is, Porter? Hmmmmm! x.x

    Amazing! As always! 😀

    • slughorn28 says:

      Thank you very very much… Hmmm.. I guess that didn’t come off as I wanted it too. Fail for me 😀 I thank you may know what Porter saw 😉

      i hope to play again soon so I can get the post out sooner rather then later.


      • Orrrr, maybe it did and I’m just looking at it too indepth. Because she seemed happy after she got the ring on her finger and looked up at Kyle! ❤ Idk… I am strange! YES! I think I DO know what Porter saw! YAYYYY! xD


      • slughorn28 says:

        I should work on the Lemi update, but I think I may play my game after a while… I haven’t played in almost two weeks.

  6. insanekittym says:

    Just got home from vacation yesterday…love this update! Happy for Octavia and Kyle, and can’t wait to see what Porter saw 🙂

    • slughorn28 says:

      Thank you so much for reading. I hope to have a new chapter up soon, but things have gotten a little bit busier so…. I will get it out as soon as I can. Thank you again for reading.


  7. Violet says:

    What a great post… I love your writing and so your pictures are just an added bonus for me. Keep it up friends- Molly

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