Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter Four

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 4


Time moved along as it does and the Slughorn’s were finding a sense of normalcy again.  Kyle, who happened to live next store, would come by every morning.  Octavia would wake up to him mowing the lawn, or weeding the garden or other outdoor jobs.

The boys loved him and even though she had sworn off men she really enjoyed having him around.


She could always count on him taking the time to just listen to her.  They frequently talked about their ex’s betrayals and the wounds left behind by them.

Kyle would interject where he needed, but for the most part he just allowed Octavia to talk.  This was something she wasn’t use to, first with her large family and then with her absent boyfriend and father of her children.

Kyle hated being in his big house alone.  Misty didn’t want in the divorce and he couldn’t stand the memories it held.  Octavia understood what he was going through and made sure he was invited to dinner every night and included him in many of the family outings.

Finally Kyle put his house up for sale and it wasn’t long until he got an offer on it that he couldn’t refuse.  He told Octavia and the boys one night at dinner that he would be moving to a new city once the sale was final.

Octavia couldn’t take that news.  He had become her friend, her confidant, and her rock.  She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him.  She discussed it with the boys and they asked him to move in with them once the house was sold.  The boys gushed about how he would bunk in their room and it would be like the ultimate sleepover.  Kyle, who didn’t want to leave Octavia either, agreed and the move, was set in motion.

Soon after he moved in it was time for Percy’s birthday.  Octavia couldn’t believe that her little loner boy who spends hours talking to his imaginary friend was going to be a child, old enough to attend school and old enough to not need mom as much.

In the Slughorn tradition she planned a big party.  When the day came she couldn’t help by tear up that her boys were growing up.

The morning of Percy’s birthday, big brother Pax, woke the sleeping toddler, pulled him out of bed and gently set him on the floor.

“Today you are going to be a child little brother.”  Pax’s words had been carefully planned out and rehearsed.  “This means you are going to have to help Porter and I help mom around the house.  Our dad didn’t do the greatest job of taking care of mom, but we can.  Do you understand me little brother?”

Percival suck his fist in his mouth and looked up at Pax with big blue eyes.  “Me got it brover.”  The little toddler cooed.

Pax shook his head in satisfaction and took the younger boys hand and helped him downstairs for breakfast.

When they got downstairs Pax got Percy his last bottle and stopped Porter from waking their mom.

“What?”  Porter’s attitude filled up the room.

“Let her sleep in a little.”

“Pax we need breakfast.  I’m hungry.”  Porter sounded just like his look-a-like Danger.

“If you can’t do it yourself then I will get you a bowl of cereal, but let mama sleep.  We have a busy day today and she does a lot work for us as it is.”  Pax was growing up way to fast and this worried Octavia as she stood on the other side of her door listening to her boys.

She opened the door and smiled at her life, yes she considered her three boys her life, and said “Who’s hungry?”

The morning was spent feeding the boys and getting ready for the party ahead.  The party itself was a grand success.  The day was filled with great friends, good music, fun games and great food.

And as the sun set on the day Octavia helped her little Percy blow out the candles on the cake she made him.

And just like his brother Pax, Percy loved to dance. He spent the rest of his birthday dancing the night away.

Kyle woke up extra early every morning and would go out into the yard and sit by the little pond to think about his life and what he wanted out of it.  The day after Percy’s party as he sat out on the wet grass Kyle Time finally understood what he wanted for his life, but now that he knew he had to figure out how to make it happen.



Life for the Slughorn’s fell into a nice normal pattern.  Bonds were being formed by the members in the family and the children started to test the waters to see what they liked and what they didn’t like in hopes for someday to find what they want to do with their lives.

Pax, who loved telling a great story, would spend hours writing short scary stories and tell them to his brothers before bed.  This lead too many nightmares and 1 am awaking that they didn’t tell Octavia about.

Then all too quickly it was time for another birthday party, this time from child to teen hood and this aging worried Octavia.  She knew that Pax was as great child, loving and kind, but she also knew that he was the child of Danger and he could start showing behaviors much like his father’s.  As she planned for the party she worried about what could happen but hoped for the best.

Before the guest began to arrive Octavia gave Kyle a camera and asked him take a picture of her and her boys.  She tried to be energetic and positive because the boys really didn’t want to “pose” for a picture and Kyle just happened to snap the picture at the most unexpected time.

As Pax leaned over his confetti decorated cake he placed his finger to his chin.  He wanted to wish for something special, something most kids didn’t wish for, and something not for himself and as the image of what he wished for filled his mind he blew out his candles.

As the age sparkles overtook the young boy the party attendees cheered.  Look do you see who was finally allowed visitation and actually came?  Is it a surprise to you that he came?  ***I would love to hear your thoughts about it.***

Pax smiled widely as his mom took his first teen year picture.

There was only one thing that Pax really wanted for his birthday and that was a fresh start with his dad.  Now that his dad was allowed, by law, to be a part of his life and he took the time to come to his party he wanted a start over.  Octavia didn’t understand this.  The man walked away from his family, from his boys, but the boys in question only wanted their dad even after all that. So she tried to be more like her children and said she would try to be civil to him for her boys.

She even agreed when Pax asked to have pictures taken with Danger.

He had inherited so much of the Slughorn features.  He was quite the handsome young man and Octavia hoped and prayed for good things in regards to him.

After pictures were taken, fun was had, the younger boys were in bed and the guest headed home Octavia, Kyle and Pax sat down and had a piece of cake.  As Kyle looked across the table at Octavia he knew that he had to put his plan into motion.

“Octavia, I won two tickets for a three night stay in Simwaii.  I thought that since Pax is now a teen and he can watch the younger boys you would go with me.” He smiled widely at her.  He knew that Pax would just on board and he was right.

“Mom that would be great for you to go with Kyle.  You work so hard and you do so much for all of us it is time to do something for yourself.”  Pax looked over at Kyle who nodded his head in agreement.

“I’m not sure that is a good idea.  Porter has a report due and Percy needs help with his spelling.”

“Mom it is only for three days.  I can help them with that stuff.  I had Mr. Trent for history mom and I know what he expects when a student gives a report, and you know spelling is easy for me.”

Octavia sat quite for a bit and finally agreed to go against her better judgment and two days later she found herself on a plan traveling to a tropical oasis.

While his mother was gone Pax was true to his word.  He made sure his brothers got up and made it to school on time.  He helped them with their school work and even made them healthy dinners, despite the fact that Octavia had left them some money to order food.

He was a very responsible teen, but even with that he found himself breaking the rules.  He wanted to get to know more kids his own age so he threw a party while the adults away.

 During the party he got a little cozy with this stunning gal.  Her name is Bluebell Red and she was new to Riverview.  Pax didn’t know what he was feeling and where those feelings were going, but he had a great time chatting with her and cuddling with her under the stars.

The cops were called on the party, but since they had never had any problems from the Slughorn home they just gave him a warning and told him that everyone had to go home.  They even promised not to tell his mom, this time.

He hugged Bluebell goodbye and tucked the boys into bed and as he sat down to finish up his homework Octavia and Kyle came home, both wondering why he was up so late doing homework.

Kyle and Octavia had a wonderful time together in Simwaii but it hadn’t gone the way Kyle had planned at all.  He had hoped he would be able to confess, once again, his feelings for Octavia, but the opportunity never arose.

After they had been home a month he couldn’t take just being friends any longer.  So one afternoon Octavia came home from work to an empty house.  Laid on her bed were a beautiful dress and a note. The note read:

My dearest Octavia,

I am not going to beat around the bush with you any long.  Please put on this dress and meet me at the park.  The boys are at Danger and Misty’s house for supper and will be back later tonight.


Octavia looked at the note several times and didn’t quite understand the meaning of it.  “Beating around the bush with me?”  She thought to herself as she put on the beautiful dress Kyle bought her.

Still thinking about what Kyle could mean she drove across town to the gazebo park where she found Kyle waiting for her and as she approached him she thought it was curious that he had his hands behind his back.

As she grew nearer she couldn’t help but to think how handsome he was in his pressed black shirt and when she was just in front of him he pulled out a dozen red roses, “Surprise.”  He whispered as a smile popped onto her face.

“Oh Kyle these are beautiful but you shouldn’t…”

“Octavia I have passed up this opportunity too many times.  Please allow me to speak.”

She lifted her eyebrows indicating him to go ahead as she took a deep breath into her flowers.  Their sent was heavenly.

Then Kyle really surprised her as he leaned in close and whispered in her ear.  “Octavia Brenda Slughorn I still think you are the moon and the stars and I love you.”

Before she could say something that would ruin the moment he dropped to one knee and pulled out his large purchase from Simwaii.  He opened the box quickly, “Octavia, be my wife.  I know I can make you and your boys happy.”

 She looked at him with a dumbfounded expression.  She didn’t know what to say and as tears began falling from her light blue eyes Kyle shut the ring box.


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  1. Ava says:

    Amazing, Ashby! 😀 Love it!

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    Haha, I agree with Hailey : Octavia, SAY YES 😀
    And it was an amazing post and I cannot wait for another one 🙂

  4. wellslegacy says:

    Say yesss ;______; He could make you SO happy, Octavia!
    Hmm, Danger has visitation rights? Hmmm interesting. He better not fail his boys :O
    Fantastic chapter!!

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    Pax is such a helpful young man…I hope Octavia says yes 🙂


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    *Speaks in a language that I just invented but even I don’t understand it* This was great! I hope she says yeeeeeeees! :3

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    I’d love for her to say yes, and I’m sure Kyle would be a good husband, but after Danger… I’m just as nervous as Octavia must have been.. 😛

    I didn’t expect Misty to be THAT cruel btw 😛 Even though you had warned me lol

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