Gen 1: Octavia Chapter three

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 3

During the rest of her pregnancy Octavia had a lot on her mind.  After the day in the bathroom Danger did change, but it didn’t last very long and Octavia and Pax found themselves always waiting and wondering where Danger was.

Even the day little Percival, it is of the French origin meaing Pierce Valley, Slughorn was born Danger was nowhere to be seen.  However, Octavia didn’t let the spoil the birth of her special little angle or bring him home, even though she had to take a cab home and when she arrived poor Pax was sitting at the dining room table eating cereal because there had been no one home to make him a good dinner.

Octavia put Percival in his crib and went down and hugged her little boy cooing in his ear that she was sorry he was alone.  Tears splashed down her face as he hugged her back and whispered into her ear that he was okay.

When he pulled away from her he had an idea in his head.  “Mama, come here I wanna show you something.”

He pulled her by the hand to his room and changed into a red dinosaur.

Look what aunt Misty brought me when you were gone.  She said she found his old costume trunk in her attic and said I could have it.  He began to walk around the room and rawing like an animal.  The sight made Octavia laugh and she knew that the sims god had blessed he with the most precious lives and no matter what happens with her and Danger she would always be lucky that she met him.

Know that she would be returning to work soon she decided to give herself a makeover.  The EA store had some new outfits so she invested in the set for her business and decided to promote it by wearing one of them.  This type of advertising seemed to work.

Danger got a makeover himself and Octavia didn’t understand why.  She couldn’t help but find him handsome with his new longer hair and sexy new suspenders.  On the very few times he wanted to be intimate with her she couldn’t resist him, but she didn’t understand the reason behind it.  She knew it wasn’t for her or his ego so why?

Time passed with Danger being gone more and more and Percival growing into a cute little toddler.

Octavia was content with her two little men, but she was very disappointed in the man who was their father.

Percival was okay with his dad being gone; actually he was okay with being by himself.  He could be found play with a strange doll that his grandma Slughorn stent him.

Octavia did her best.  When she wasn’t working she was spending time helping Pax with his homework or teaching Percival his skills.

Danger’s absence stressed Octavia out and when the boys were asleep she felt alone and that she had made a bad decision in not asking Danger to leave when she was pregnant with Percival.  These thoughts and feelings caused her to cry late into the night.

What kept Octavia from asking, no telling, Danger to leave was the fact that she knew that he loved his boys.  When he was home, and that was very little, he spent time with them.  He helped Pax with homework and even taught little Percy to use the big boy potty.

Amongst the chaos of the love life of Octavia Slughorn there was a lot of good too.  She and the boys were bonding and creating a lifelong relationship.  She was determined that neither of her boys would end up like their father.  They would learn to love women and respect them.

Octavia craved friendship and companionship and she called her best friend Misty to come over or meet out and Misty was always busy.  She had gotten a job and found it hard to make time for her friend.

Finally Kyle, Misty’s husband, came over for a visit after one of Octavia’s invitations to Misty.  This was all on Misty’s urging because she cared about Octavia and didn’t want her to be alone.

On the urging of Misty, Kyle and Octavia began to spend a lot of time together.  They began trusting each other and they truly became best friends.

The boys really started like having him around and while Pax was at school and little Percy was taking his name Octavia and Kyle would make a picnic lunch and go out in the yard, play with the water slide and sit down to eat and just talk.  Both of them were thankful for each other and the adult conversation that they could count on.

Both were going through the same thing.  The people they were in love with were absent from their life.  Kyle told Octavia that he and Misty had been together since they were about Pax’s age.  Of course they weren’t together in the couple sort of way back then but Kyle new that Misty was the one for him all those years ago and now he was having trouble figuring out how to live without her constant presence.  It was hard for him and he truly understood the pain that Octavia was feeling.

One night while Octavia sat at the table working on a new design for her garden Danger came home.  He didn’t day hello or even make eye contact with her.  He went to the computer and after logging in he began cheering.  Octavia didn’t understand the excitement and tried to get him to tell her what he was so excited about but he just kept telling her to wait to just wait and see, and he flew out the door.

Hours later he came back with this little boy.  He explained that he had requested a clone license and he was finally approved.  He was so very excited that he had a boy that he could call his own and who was exactly like him.  He had named the boy Porter and just knew that he would fit into the family just fine.

The presences of this little boy both made Octavia happy and sad, happy because she loved children, but sad because she worried that this would upset Pax and Percival.  However, her initial reaction wasn’t very pretty.  She cried, yelled and screamed at Danger for not thinking about her or the boys in this decision.  It is something she would regret all of her life, the way she made Porter feel.  He may be Danger’s clone, but he still was his own person with feelings.  After she calmed down she felt this would be something that would keep Danger home more often, but she was wrong.

One night Octavia got a visitor from her friend Kyle and it was nothing like she had every dreamed of.

She was watching Pax play the Simbox when there came a knock on the door.  She got up from her chair and opened the door to her friend Kyle.  “Hi Kyle come on in.”  She smiled.

“No I can’t.”  He rushed up on her, grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him.  His breathing was labored and he was acting weird.  “I need to do this before lose my nerve.    Octavia Brenda Slughorn, I am in love with you.  You are the moon and stars to me.”  He leaned down to kiss her and she pulled away.

“What…ah….Kyle.. um…”  Octavia didn’t know what to say.

Kyle bowed his head.  “I knew it was a long shot that you felt the same.  I’m so sorry.”  He didn’t give her another opportunity to say anything and jogged to his car.  Octavia shut her door with a sigh.

For days this bothered her and ate at her conscious.  She hadn’t done anything but Misty was her best friend and she felt that she had every right to know that her husband had professed love for her, another woman, not his wife.

She called Misty up and finally Misty said she would meet her and they decided a nice walk would be a great way to catch up.

“I have missed you.”  Misty gushed as she met up with Octavia, “Oh my goodness Percy had gotten so big.”

The two walked in silence for a while and then Octavia turned to her best friend and gave her a very dishearten look.

“What is it?”  Misty asked.

“I have to tell you something.  It is about Kyle.”

The two stood face to face as Octavia had trouble forming her words.  “Well spit it out.” Misty snapped.

Octavia swallowed hard and opened her mouth, “Misty, a few days ago Kyle confessed that he feeling of love for me.”  She knew the words sounded lame, but what else was she supposes to say?

Misty freaked out on Octavia screaming that she was having an affair with her husband.  Octavia tried to tell her that she wasn’t but Misty wouldn’t believe her.  She left in a huff yelling that she never wanted to see Octavia again.

The town folks of Riveview still to this day talk about unfair Misty’s reaction was.  Kyle and Octavia didn’t do anything and …….

Misty had a secret of her own.

Octavia again was thrown in to a life of loneliness.  Danger was still always gone and now her two best friends were dejected and wouldn’t talk to her.  He boys were her salvation and she and Porter were becoming close even though he didn’t consider her his mother.

Then out of the blue Kyle called her up and invited her over.  She packed Percy’s diaper bag and headed over excited that her friend wanted to talk to her again.  When she got there he was playing in the sprinkler, but he didn’t look like he was having fun.  He invited her inside and while he was poured them lemonade he bowed his head in sadness.

She came up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder and he twisted around and took her into a hug.

“What’s wrong Kyle?”  She mumbled against this manly shoulder.

“It’s true Octavia, it is all true.”

She didn’t understand what he was talking about.  She just patted him on the back. “What is true?”

“About Danger having an affair.”

She pushed him at arm’s length, “What are you talking about?”  She felt clammy and like she was going to crawl out of her skin.

“I saw him Octavia…I saw him and he was with…”  His mouth went dry and he could barley talk.  “He was with Misty.”

He then launched into his story.  A few days before he had come home and found Misty and Danger making out on couch, and he lost it.  He grabbed Danger by his shirt pulled him to his feet and punched him.  Danger was about ready to fight back when Misty stepped in between them and started making accusations the he and Octavia were having an affair.

He couldn’t believe what she was saying.  It was the farthest thing from the truth, but yet she was accusing him of it like she had the right to cheat on him.  After more arguing Misty and Danger had left and Misty hadn’t been home since.

Octavia didn’t believe what he was telling her and she grabbed Percy and fled back to her home where she found Misty and Danger chatting in the front yard.  She handed Percy to Kyle, grabbed Danger by the arm and pulled him into the house.  She stood tall, half expecting his answer to be no, and asked him point blank if he and Misty were having an affair.

He hung his head and didn’t say a word.  What could she do?  After several years of living in an awful relationship Octavia lost it and …..

Attached him.  Danger was much stronger then she and soon he had her pinned to the floor as he heavily breathed into her face.  When he felt she had slightly calmed down her scrambled to his feet pulling her up with him.


She told that she wanted him out of her house and out of her life, and as she cried she puffed his chest up and said, “That’s fine with me.  Misty is going to file for divorce and she, Porter and I are going to be a family.”

These words set Octavia off again.  She wasn’t going to let Danger take that sweet boy and turn him into another him.  “You are not going to him you bastard.”

“Yes I am he is my boy.”

“So are Pax and Percy, but you are not taking any of them.”

Danger, despite the jerk he is, wasn’t going to put his boys through this that night.  “Fine, but I think the court will have something different to say.”  With that he and Misty left, after she asked Kyle for a divorce.

Danger was true to his word and took Octavia to court he wanted to have sole custody of Porter and wanted weekly visitation rights to the other two boys.  After long dragged out court visits the judge decided that after all the evidence had been presented, that having all three boys living with Octavia would be in their best interest.  The court also put a two year no contact on Danger meaning that he had to stay away from his kids for two years and at the time he if wanted to pursue visitation then the courts would relook at his case.

The word around town is that Danger and Misty had a small private wedding as soon as her and Kyle’s divorce was final.  The news impacted Octavia’s life and she began to feel that she wasn’t worth being loved.

Octavia swore of men, but she worried about her boys.  Would her break up with their dad scar them?  Would a lack of a male role model be bad for them?

As the days and weeks rolled by one thing was starting to be clear…Kyle was always there.

Stay tuned for next time:

Will Kyle and Octavia allow themselves to fall in love?

How will the boys get along without their dad?


16 thoughts on “Gen 1: Octavia Chapter three

  1. wellslegacy says:

    OH. MY. GOD. Death to Danger for hurting poor Octavia D< Fantastic chapter, Jen! FANTASTIC!

  2. Violet says:

    Danger is horrible, LOVED THE CHAPTER. You are doing great with your legacy!

  3. Hailey says:

    Kyle and Octavia should be together! They both got heartbreaks from their partners cheating on them. They deserve each other. 😀 This was a great post and I can’t wait to read more.

    ~Dawn Turner aka Hailey

  4. Awww, but I liked Danger. D:
    Hmph. I knew there was something about Misty that didn’t set well with me, that little hussy!

    • slughorn28 says:

      Well we do have Porter and he is Danger’s clone so we will see what happnes with him 😉
      I liked Danger too, but he was just not ment to be a stable character.

      Thanks for reading ❤

      Jen AKA Ashby

  5. annnuuu says:

    Oh god, and I thought maybe Danger isn’t still that bad, that maybe he was out working all the time to provide Octavia and the boys a better life or something. But I was wrong…
    And I thought Misty would be there for Octavia no matter what. But nope…
    But I loved the post!

    • slughorn28 says:

      Thank you so much for reading and taking time to comment. Yeah I wanted to give Danger the benifit of the doubt too, but alas he broke not only Octavia’s heart, but mine.

      Jen AKA Ashby

  6. This was an awesome chapter, despite the problems between Octavia and Danger. I had a sneaky suspicion that he and Misty were having an affair all along, just didn’t wann ruin it for everyone else 🙂

    • slughorn28 says:

      Really you had figured it out 😦 oh well. I sure can’t wait to see what Danger’s clone Porter does for the story.
      Thank you as always for reading Chey.
      Jen AKA Ashby

  7. So much for me having a great feeling on him. I was completely wrong

  8. Ashley says:

    Misty should be ashamed of herself. Octavia was her best friend and she deserved to be treated so much better then that. Misty should have at least heard Octavia out, but seeing as she had probably been cheating with Danger for quite a long time, Misty was just looking for a reason to be mad at Octavia.

    I like Kyle much better then Danger. I’m also glad that the courts gave Octavia full custody of the boys, hopefully they don’t change their minds in a few years.

    • slughorn28 says:

      I can assure you they wont since they will be aging soon. 🙂 Yeah I wanted to put a whole section into the story as to what happened with Misty and Danger, but there just hasn’t been a place to put it. Lets just say that Danger came to town to be with Misty (they met online) but she couldn’t bring herself to leave/hurt Kyle. I still may put it in there before Gen 1 is done, but we will have to see if it works anywhere.

      Thanks Christy/Ashley for reading.


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