Gen 1: Octavia Chapter Two

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter 2


A small smiled played on Octavia’s lips when she heard the sweet voice of her best friend on the other end of the phone.

“How is the little guy?”  Misty’s excitement jumped from the phone.  “Sorry Kyle and I weren’t there to bring you two home.”

Octavia’s voice is a whisper; she doesn’t want to wake Pax, as she answers her friend.  “He is perfect. We just walked onto the porch and I need to put him in his crib.  Can I call you back?”

“No need.  I will be over in a half hour.  I am going to spend the night and help you out so you can get a good night’s sleep before you start your schedule of late night feedings and little sleep.”  The phone goes dead.

Octavia shakes her head with happiness and takes Pax to bed.

Misty was true to her word and the next morning found Octavia making breakfast for the two of them.

“Thank you so much for staying and letting me sleep all night Misty.  You truly are the greatest friend ever.”  Octavia gushed.

“Oh hush up.  Don’t mention it.  It was definitely my pleasure Pax is such a little doll.”

The two of them ate breakfast together and took some time to catch up a bit.  Then their time was cut short when Pax began to cry for food.  Misty headed out the door while Octavia headed up the stairs to the nursery.


Octavia looked down and her perfect little boy.  She didn’t liked the circumstances as to which he was born, but she knew that she had been rewarded with such a precious little life.

“Pax I vow to you my dear one that you will be loved, no matter what happens.”  She kissed his tiny head and placed him back in his crib as he drifted to sleep.

Time moved along for the Slunhorn’s.  Octavia went back to work and she found a great sitter to watch Pax, but what totally caught Octavia off guard is that Danger began to call and text.  She never answered or replied, but it was tough not to.  Curiosity of what he wanted was very strong.

Then before she knew it, it was Pax’s birthday.  He was about to become a toddler.


Octavia planned a grand party for her little man.  Misty, Kyle and several other townsfolk came including one absent father, Danger Zone.

She refused to make a scene and even though they didn’t talk much that day she walked into the nursery and found Danger hugging Pax close to his chest humming into his ear.  The sight began to melt Octavia’s heart when it came to Danger.

Octavia was a great mom.  She made sure to spend a lot of time with Pax playing with him and teaching him things he needed to learn.

Still Danger continued to call and text and finally she let her babysitter go and allowed him to look after Pax during the day while she was at work.  She was surprised at how wonderful of a father he was to him and Pax was really getting attached to Danger.

Octavia wished that Danger would get a job and help out with the funds of raising Pax, but teaching him to walk and talk (Octavia did the potty training) during the day was very helpful.

“Hey little man your daddy wants to be closer to you, what do you think about him moving in with us?”

Danger had been pestering and pestering Octavia about spending more time with her and Pax.  She could see that he was a great dad and very committed to Pax, but she wasn’t ready to let him back in her fragile heart yet, or perhaps never, but she had to admit that having him at the house would be helpful with the cleaning, taking care of Pax and everyday chores.

Finally she and Danger sat down at the kitchen table and worked out a plan.  He could move in but it was strictly to help with the raising of Pax and to help around the house not to be involved with her.  Danger wanted to be with her, but agreed to the terms.


Danger tried and tried to get Octavia to trust him, but she would not budge.  She was being very stubborn and he cursed her and loved her all at the same time.  He had never met a woman quite like her before.

He decided that he had to start showing her how sincere he was about being a family with them and planned an outing at the park.  The day was lovely and they packed a picnic and everything.

Octavia couldn’t deny the great time she had that day, but when she called Misty to gush about it the alarms in her head and heart started to go off as Misty reminded her how he had acted in the past and when she told her that Danger was spotted out on the town with another woman the night before the walls began to go up once again.

That night she emailed home about what had been going on with pictures of Pax.  Even though Octavia and her mom had never been close she also asked advice of what she should do about Danger.

Her mom’s reply to her was surprising and simple.  She just told her daughter that she shouldn’t close her heart because love can come from someplace unexpected.

Octavia tried to live by her mother’s words but Danger and the folks of Riverview didn’t make that easy.  Every time he would go out she would hear a new rumor that he was with another woman and her doubt in his sincerity to be a family just kept decreasing.


Days before Pax would be a child Octavia put him down for the night and walked into her room to find a gorgeous blue dress laying on her bed with a note that said, “Meet me in the barn.”

She had never had fancy dresses and she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put one on.  She looked at herself in the full length mirror and was stunned at her reflection.

She smoothed down the material and headed to the barn.  When she walked in the sight took her breath away.  There was Danger dressed to the nines and looking oh so very dapper.

As she walked in he was in awe.  She looked stunning and without thinking he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.  Slowly he leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled back asking what this was all about.

He let out a nervous laugh, but wouldn’t let go of her hand.  “I wanted to take you on a proper date, but since it is getting late and Pax is up in bed I figured I would take you out here.”


He clicked on the radio and they shared some dance time.  Octavia was really enjoying herself and got lost in the date, she once again got lost in him.

At the end of the night Danger had a huge surprise for her.

The hour was late and Octavia thought it was time to turn in for the night.

“Wait.”  Danger stopped her and pulled out a black velvet box from his pocket.

Before she could leave or say something that could ruin the moment he pulled a stunning ring from the box as he dropped to his knee.  “Octavia Kay Slughorn will you marry me.”  He blurted out.  It wasn’t exactly how he had planned the moment, but he was thankful that the question was asked.

Octavia was caught off guard.  She couldn’t comprehend what was happening.  They hadn’t even been intimate since the night Pax was conceived.  The rumors around town were he still was with many different women.  Her first instinct was to pull away and run from the barn, but then her mother’s words rang in her ear.

She looks at Danger and on pure emotion answers him with an emotional yes.


“I promise that I will take care of you and make you happy.”  Danger vowed as he stoked her cheek.

Octavia couldn’t help think that she hoped he was telling the truth.

From there time raced by.  Still reeling from the proposal and planning a birthday party for Pax left Octavia distant from her friends.  She hadn’t called and told Misty anything, but when she saw her at the party she pulled her aside and told her the good news that Danger proposed to her.

Misty didn’t take kindly to this news.  It wasn’t a secret that she thought Danger was trash and that he would treat her liked trash.  Their conversation was a downer, but Octavia refused to let it spoil her son’s birthday party.


After a lot of dancing, eating and socializing it was time to bring Pax to his cake.  Danger helped him blow out the candles and within moments he was an adorable child……

Who loved to make silly poses for the camera.


The next few weeks Danger was very secretive and Octavia began to question her decision to marry him.  Every time she brought up the wedding he would change the subject and wouldn’t talk to her about it.

Then he surprised her with tickets to China.  He had taken the little bit of savings he had and bought them tickets.  He told her it was to prove to her how serious he was about being a family.

The trip was beautiful; however Pax hated the outdoors and didn’t join Danger and Octavia on many of the outings.

He was very interested in learning and took the time that his parents were away to sleep in and read new books about the Chinese culture.


He did give into his mom when she requested he joining them in town for a family photo.  Gosh like father like son… they have the same grumpy expression.

The day before they were set to head back home Danger “disappeared”, and met up with a very shady looking woman.  Money was exchanged and a map was handed to Danger.

Using the map Danger entered an old tomb.  There he spent the majority of the day and well into the night looking for something.  He didn’t return to Octavia and Pax until the wee morning hours of the day they were heading back home.

When Octavia questioned him about his whereabouts he just smiled and told her he was taking in some last minute sites.


Before they had left on their vacation to China Octavia had worked very hard at her job and she completed her lifetime wish of becoming a Fashion Phenomenon.  Perhaps the goal for Generation two will have to be little more difficult.

When she returned to Riverview she received a call from the Mayor, they wanted to reward her hard work with the key to the city.  The party was grand and Octavia was thrilled at the recognition.  When she got home she hung the key on her bedroom wall.



Pax’s first day of school was an emotional one.  Danger and Octavia reminded him of his manors, and told him to pay attention to his teachers.  They hugged him assuring him that he will make so many new friends and set him on his way.

After the bus pulled away tears rolled down Octavia’s face, she couldn’t believe that her little boy was heading to school.  She didn’t understand where the time had gone.


Pax really wanted his parents to get married.  Many of the kids at school made fun of him because his dad had a bad reputation for being a ladies’ man.  He felt that if his parents got married those nasty rumors would go away.  He dreamt about this every night.

As much as Pax and Octavia wanted nuptials to be exchanged Danger was still dragging his feet.  He evaded questions about it and was even rude enough to walk away from his son or his fiancée when it was brought up.

To add to Octavia’s stress Danger had gotten a job at the local theater upon their return from China.  His hours were crazy and many nights he was out till all hours.  Many times Octavia would fall asleep before he got home and he was out the door again before she woke up.  He told her it was for the sake of their family, but something in her soul just didn’t quite believe him.

Then the most stressful news came to her three months after they returned from their trip.    She had been getting sick and had horrible cramps in her belly.  After seeing the doctor her worse nightmare was confirmed.  She was once again pregnant and by a man she wasn’t sure loved or even cared about her.

She waited two weeks to tell Danger and when she did he didn’t seem to even care, but expressed he did and said that he had to work as much as he could so they could afford a new baby.


Many nights Octavia found herself standing on the porch with Pax waiting for Danger to get home.  Many thought moved through her mind and she had decided that the only she could do for her family was to make Danger leave and give him his ring back.  She needed her children to be in a health home and the way things were now wasn’t health.

The morning that she was going to drop the bombshell to Danger something changed.

 She continued to be sick during her pregnancy, which was unusual at this point of a pregnancy, and that morning was no different.  Danger was home for a change and burst through the bathroom door as he heard her getting sick.

“What’s wrong?”  His voice was filled with panic and concern.

The sentiment confused Octavia, but she told him that she was just getting sick from the pregnancy.  Danger pulled her into a hug and then began to massage her shoulders.   As he did this he whispered into her ear, “Things are going to be different.  I promise.”

Stay tuned for next time:

Will Octavia send Danger away?

Is Danger telling the truth of his feelings for Octavia?

And what was up with the shady woman in China?


25 thoughts on “Gen 1: Octavia Chapter Two

  1. That couldn’t have come at a better time! I was sitting here, bored to pieces, then you tagged me on FB and I got to sit down read THIS masterpiece. Honestly, you’re such a great author…all of your work relates to real life and is so easy and complexing to read…Truly phenomenal. Keep it up girl!
    P.S. Pax is too cute ❤

    • slughorn28 says:

      Thank you so much Amber. Your words make me feel very lucky. Thank you so much.

      You really assure me that I can write and that means a lot to me. ❤ *hugs*

      Jen AKA Ashby

  2. wellslegacy says:

    Ahhhh! Wonderful,WONDERFUL update! It’s nice to see Danger around ❤ Can't wait for more!

  3. annnuuu says:

    Ooohhhh, So many mysteries o.O 😀
    Can’t wait to read the next post !
    Oh boy how I wish to be as good as a writer you are!
    Loved this post!

    • slughorn28 says:

      Gosh thank you so much for your words. Some times I really struggle with if I can write well or not and you all are very helpful with my doubts. Thank you for reading and until next time ……… 🙂


      Jen AKA Ashby

  4. teallegacy says:

    This was great. I can’t wait to read more. =)

  5. You know, I just realized what a hottie Danger was. I mean, it doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s a jerk, well maybe it does just a teeny-weeny bit, but still, he’s a jerk. x.x Pax is like the perfect blend of both of his parents :O; and grumpy face are, well, grumpy faces, but they’re cute grumpy faces! Awwww, poor Octavia. 😦

    • I tend to ramble when I leave comments. Sorry about that! xD

    • slughorn28 says:

      I know poor Octavia is such an unlucky sims… but I think in the end she will find her happiness. Yeah I think Danger is pretty hot too and that is why I have yet to make up my mind if he is staying or not. LOL. Yeah I love little Pax and can’t wait to revel the next baby. Thank you so much for reading and taking time to comment ❤

      Jen AKA Ashby

  6. I love it and I love that her and Danger don’t have a “perfect” relationship to many writers (I’ll admit , myself included) make their couples so perfect and never fight and such. He DOSE at least care about if not love her and he is just very inexperienced at showing it

    • slughorn28 says:

      You really have a great “feeling” about Danger. Thank you Addy for reading and commenting. I am so glad that people love and hate him. I am really excited to write more of this story.


      Jen AKA Ashby

  7. OH! You know what their relationship (especially the last post) makes me think of? The song “Right Kind of wrong”

  8. coffeecakesims says:

    OMGosh! I’m falling in love with the Slughorn’s already….Pax is a cutie 🙂

  9. Leiah Mistoffelees says:

    Awesome awesome post! I always look forward to this particular story, it’s filled with suspense and drama!

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