Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter One and a Half

The Adventures of the
Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1


****Author’s note/warning****

  I am not going to tell anyone they can’t read this but if my younger readers decide to please know beforehand this is a very detailed version of the night Octavia and Danger spent together.  It also gives a better idea of Dangers thoughts and feelings. So please if you are under 16 make sure you have permission or at least know what you are about to read.



            He stuck his foot into the door as Octavia tried to close it.  “Listen Babe, we have been dating for a while now.  Why don’t
you invite me in for a night cap?”  A toothy smile plays on his face.

“Um okay.”  She was a little apprehensive but opened the door back up and let him in.

He pulled her into a tight hug and he kissed her neck and rubbed his cheek against hers.

She pulled away and offered him a mixed drink from the juice bar.  He took her up on the offer, but neither of them were very good mixologists so the activity fizzled out.

Not really knowing how to act with a guy alone Octavia grabbed one of the couch pillows and began beating him with
it.  She thought it would be a good way to break the awkward silence.   Danger joined in for a while, but this kids stuff wasn’t on his list for the night and no sooner it began he ended it.

            “It is getting late.  What do you say I just crash here tonight?”  His voice oozed with confidence.

“Yeah I guess that would be okay.  There is a pair of men’s sweat pants and a T-shirt up in the guest bedroom. My aunt had them here and I washed them and decided they would come in handy.”

He ran up the stairs and changed.

When he came back down he found Octavia watching TV.  He sighed, again this was not on his agenda for the night, but he sat beside her and cuddled up until she had no choice but to per her arm around him or have it smooched.

            They watched for a while, some mindless show that had a few funny parts, but he felt the more and more time passed the less and less likely he would get what he wanted.  Without a word he got up from the couch and went into her bedroom and called her name.

Octavia wasn’t sure where he was calling her from at first and stood up scanning the living and dining room area.

“Where are you?”  She called.

“I’m in here.  I’m in your bedroom.”

The thought of a man in her bedroom made her nervous.  Growing up she wasn’t allowed to have boys in her bedroom, actually she wasn’t allowed to be close friends with boys.

“Why are you in there?”  She called back.

Danger grew frustrated, “Just come in here.”

Against her better judgment she entered the bedroom.  Just as soon as she walked in he took her by the hand and led her to the end of the bed.

“I’m done beating around the bush with you.”  He took both her hands into his, “I want to be with you.”

            She lowered her head in embarrassment, “We are together.”  She said being coy.

He reached up and put a finger under her chin making her look at him.  “You know what I mean.”

She leaned over and whispered to him that she has never done it before.  He chuckled lowly, took her hand and told her he would keep her safe.  He guided her to the bed and took her into his arms.

            Planting soft small kisses on her lips he put his hand on her knee and slowly slides it up under her dress.  His fingers tips sliding up her panties made her pull away, but he wouldn’t let her go that easy.

             He shifts his weight backward pulling her on top of him.  He wanted her to feel empowered and in control.  This
feeling was foreign to him.  When he is with his lovers he wanted to be in control he wanted them to succumb to his will to his demands, but not with Octavia.

            As their kissing intensified his hands began to roam and when they found the mouth of her top once again she tried to pull away.

“It’s okay.”  He breathed and she decided to trust him.

He moves on top of her and she allows him to pull the mouth of her dress open wider.  Her body quivers and she lets out a soft moan as his soft lips and wet tongue move about on her skin.

Octavia didn’t know what to do or how to move so her hand found her hair and weaved into it.  “Touch me.”  His voice is full of lust and is very quite against her ear.  Taking her earlobe in his lips sends move quivers through her body.

“My God.”  She moans and finally slides her fingers into his hair.

He moves to his knees and removes the T-shirt.  His muscles were taut and sweaty and the sight of them drove Octavia insane.  She can’t help herself and begins to reach for him, but he stops her by putting his hand to her chest.  With lust
in his eyes he helps her into a sitting position and pulls her dress off over her head revealing a matching pink undergarment set.

“Sexy.”  He growled and slid down her right bra cup exposing her perky beast.  Like a beast he leaned over taking her nipple into his mouth.

The sensations going through her body were intense and she arched her back pushing herself closer to him.

Not long after that they were both void of all clothing and he was lying on top of her.  He moved her hair out of her face and stared deep into her eyes and pushed his way into her. Letting out a loud painful noise she moved her head to the right and
grips the sheets into her fists.

Danger pauses.  He wanted to make sure she was okay.  He stared down at her watching her pull her bottom lip up under her teeth as she winched in pain, but he knew there was no turning back.

Octavia’s body felt as if it was on fire, pain and all.  The faster he moved the more pain she suffered, but the incredible passion she felt out voted the pain.

With one last long thrust into her he let out a long groan and she screamed clenching the damp sheets, then he was
still on top of her.

They were motionless for a long time and finally he kissed her forehead and slid to her side, pulled her into him and closed his eyes.

In the morning he played the dutiful “boyfriend.”  He ate breakfast with her, but every time she tried to talk about the night before he would divert the conversation into something no so important.   When she headed to work and he home he kissed her on her round cheek and told her he would see her later, knowing that he was lying.

That night he didn’t understand why he couldn’t get her off his mind.  He thought about how her day had went and when he saw her name on his phone it made him sad that he didn’t answer.

As the days and months started to pass he couldn’t stop thinking about her.  When he was with a new gal he only saw Octavia’s face, but he had reputation to uphold and he couldn’t be falling in love with her.  Could he?

He would see her from time to time and every time he wanted to run up to her and tell her how pretty she looked,
but he never did.  He would engage in small talk and when his heart began to pound against this chest he would excuse
himself with a lame excuse and head on his way.

Then she called him and hit him with news that socked him right in the gut.

“Hello?”  His voice revealed that he didn’t recognize the phone number.

“Danger it is Octavia.”

“Oh hey kid, I can’t talk right now. I have ….”

“Danger I’m pregnant and you are the father.”  She blurted.

There was a brief pause.  “Well that is great.  Good luck with that kid.”  He hung up the phone.

What had she said to him?  He was going to be a father?  As he dropped his phone to the floor the air left his lungs.  What was he going to do?

Everyday after he had new thoughts.  These thoughts were if she was eating well, if she was feeling well and was she going to have his son or daughter.  Three times a day he grabbed his phone wanting to call her, and every time he chickened out knowing she could never forgive him for his play boy attitude and cavalier behavior.

Then through the grapevine he heard that he had as son and she called him Pax. He liked that name.  The moment he
heard the news he chest swelled in pried and he knew he had to do something.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.  He dialed a familiar number and let it ring.

As Octavia stood on her front porch looking out at Riverview thinking about how she was going to handle her new life.  Her phone sounded off in her pocket.  Not wanting the ringing to wake Pax she answered without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello.”  She whispered…

Is Danger the one calling her?

Will she and Danger reconnect and if so will she forgive him?

Thank you
and please stay tuned…..


Gen. 1: Octavia Chapter One

The Adventures of the Slughorn Family

Octavia: Generation 1 Chapter1


            This is Octavia Slughorn.  She is the founder of the Slughorn legacy.  Before I start in on the story I wanted to let you, the reader, know that I have never played a legacy before and I don’t really know the rules.  So I guess I am not playing with any rules other then the following: 1) No Cheats (unless I have to reset a sims for some reason) this rule could change, but as of right now I plan on playing this way.  2) The next generation heir/heiress will be the opposite sex of the one before.  So generation two will be lead by a male and if I don’t have one naturally adoption is an option.  3) The founder/heir must at least have two children and up to 6.  4) And each child has to start with the next letter in the alphabet from what the heir/heiress is.  For example all of Octavia’s children must begin with a P.

That is what I have so far.  If you, my reader, have any suggestions or tips on playing I would love to hear them.  You can find me on facebook under Ashby Lemi or you can leave me a comment here or email me at (enter email address).

Thank you

Now to the story.

            Octavia Slughorn grew up in a small rural town.  She is the twelfth child of Sabrina and Lenny Slughorn and her parents were very tired during her child and teen years.  Many of her siblings past her by, not because they didn’t like her, but because there were so many of them, the only family member that she seemed to bond to was her Great Aunt Gina.

When Octavia was seventeen her Great Aunt died and she found out that she had left her three bedroom farm house to her in Riverview.  She was sad at the passing of her aunt, but was thrilled of the prospect of a new life once she was eighteen.  The next year seemed to drag on.

The following year held many changes for Octavia.  She graduated from high school, she packed up what little she had, said goodbye to her parents and moved across the country to the big farming community of Riverview.



            The cab pulled up in front of a green farmhouse and the first thing Octavia noticed was the car sitting in front of the barn.  She prayed that it was in working condition because it would come in handy once she got a job.

All the furniture had been covered with sheets to keep the dust off, but the floors, walls, and everything else that couldn’t be covered had a thick layer of dust.  It was going to take some time to get this place in “living” condition.  Luckily she had been smart enough to call ahead of time and get the water and electric turned on.

Since she arrived in mid-morning she decided that the best thing to do would be to make sure the bedroom and bathroom was cleaned up before the rest of the house.  However, before she did that she took a tour of the house.  It was oddly decorated, but she knew that she could change that once she started to make some money.  In the barn she found many strange things.

“Why would an old woman want all these things?”  She thought to herself as she took inventory on three raido’s, a T.V., a sports car and two computers.  On the second floor of the barn were a reading room and some other activities.

She worked into the early evening and when her stomach began to rumble with hunger she assessed her funds.  After the move and the plane ticket she only had $127 left.  She made the decision that she could order pizza that first night but then she needed to be very frugal until she could get a job and start earning her way in the world.

Octavia was very impressed with the kindness of the people in Riverview when the pizza delivery woman also brought her that day’s paper.  As Octavia ate her dinner she read the paper looking to see what jobs were available.  As she read through the wanted ads something caught her attention.  The local salon was looking for a new stylist.  Right then and there as she inhaled her last bite of pizza she decided that she wanted to be a Fashion Phenomenon.

She went to bed that night with visions of hairdryers dancing in her head.


            The next morning she tried to log on the laptop her Great Aunt left behind only to find out that it was password protected.  She really wanted to email home and let her family know that she had made it safe and sound.  After twenty minutes of working on it she finally entered the correct password.  This was probably the first and last time this little lady was lucky in something.

After she emailed home she made sure she look presentable and headed to the salon where she landed a job as A Fashion Fledgling.

That night she spent more time working on cleaning up the house.


            The next morning she woke up bright and early and well rested.  She dressed in her new work attire, which wasn’t very flattering but she was glad to have it, had a filling breakfast and headed to work.


            When she got there her fellow stylists showed her to her station.  Octavia couldn’t help her excitement and she was laughed at by her fellow co-workers.  She didn’t mind this because she was eighteen, on her own and now earning a living, it was so much to be excited about.


            Octavia’s first makeover didn’t go so well.  Her first customer was Audry Burns and all she wanted was a simple outfit change.  All I can say is the Octavia is very luck that Audry gave her a second chance.


            Her second night in Riverview she was robbed and because she couldn’t afford an alarm system during the next few weeks she was robbed two more times.

Luckily what was taken wasn’t anything that she needed right away and would be able to eventually replace them.


            The next few weeks Octavia worked real hard and she began created beautiful makeovers for the townspeople of Riverview.  Slowly she started to build a name for herself.


            She had worked so hard and was so focused on her career that she hasn’t really taken the time to explore her new town.   So one Sunday afternoon, her days off were Sundays and Mondays, she decided to go to the park.  She planned on getting so reading in under a nice tree and perhaps do some people watching.

However what she found there was so much more than pure entertainment for a couple of hours.  At the park she met a lovely woman by the name of Misty Time.

Octavia had never met a green sim before and she thought Misty was beautiful and all around wonderful.  Misty took the time and got to know Octavia and the two became quick friends.

            On her way home from the park she decided to stop by the restaurant for dinner.  She met a handsome man there by the name of Titas Covington. She found him very alluring.  Could this be the name for our dear Octavia?  I guess we will have to see.



            After meeting Misty at the park she decided that Riverview had many things to offer her and that she would work hard during the work week and have fun during the weekend.

She headed to the local club, The Aquarius, where she felt exhilarated that  she had to bribe the bouncer to let her in, of course she had to promise not to tell anyone, but I didn’t.

She was too young to drink so the bartender fixed her up a yummy virgin drink and it made Octavia feel so grown up sitting at a bar with a fancy drink in her hand.  The first night she went the club was very empty so she enjoyed herself on an empty dance floor.  She was loving life.

Little did she know that things were about to change.

Time began to move along and Octavia continued her daily ritual.  She worked diligently during the week and after work she was either at Misty’s, Misty’s husband Kyle was a great cook, or Misty was at her house or they were on the phone to one another.  During her weekend she would have a few of her clients over or she and Misty would go shopping, to the park or just out to lunch.

A year went by and she never once regretted her decision to move to Riverview.  She was becoming very popular in her job and many people requested her services.  She had been promoted several times and at the end of the year she held the title of Couture Connoisseur.


            One day she received a makeover requests for new swimwear for a new resident of Riverview.  His name was Danger Zone and when Octavia met him she got instant butterflies.  She could barely form complete sentences.

Danger was very friendly and for his 22 years he seemed so sophisticated and worldly to Octavia.  He complemented her on her unusual name and he would through cute complements to her during their makeover session.

As he looked at his new swimwear in the mirror he winked at her reflection behind him and said, “Perhaps you and I can go test this out sometime.”

Octavia giggled and gave him her personal phone number as she left.  On her walk back to her car she called Misty and told her all about the new guy in town.

Over the next several months Octavia would see Danger around town and he always seemed to be with a different woman every time.  He never called her and yet every time she saw him she would forget how much of a jerk he was and turn into a wobbly insecure little girl.  He always acknowledged her and treated her more like a little sister then a woman, but again she didn’t seem to notice that.

Then one day out of the blue Octavia’s phone rang with a number she did not recognize.  She hesitated answering it, but once she heard the voice on the other end her knees began to quiver.

“Octavia, it’s me Danger, Danger Zone.  How ya doing kid?”

“Um…I’m… ah… ga.. good, tha… thank you.”  She sounded like an idiot but the butterflies in her stomach were taking over and making it hard for her to concentrate.

“I’m in your neighborhood and I just wanted to know if you wanted to join me at the pool?”

“The pool?”  This was one please she hadn’t visited yet.

“Yeah the pool, you know the place where people swim and have a good time.”

Octavia giggled at his sarcasm and agreed.  He showed up at her door ten minutes later and they were on their way.  Being it was pretty late at night only adults were in attendance and Octavia got to meet new people.


            Octavia was raised to be very conservative and respectful and once had she done something outrageous or dangerous, but Danger had a way with words and knew that he made the young girl feel weak in the knees.  He was able to convince her to go skinny dipping with him.

She stripped and felt very self conscious as he gazed upon her lean naked body.  “I thought you were going to skinny dip too.”  She meant for the words to sound harsher than they did.

“I’m coming babe, just jump in.”


            Apparently everyone in Riverview is more daring then than look and soon everyone at the pool had their clothes off and playing around in the pool.  Danger had plans for Octavia, but she surprised him and didn’t invite him as he dropped her off at home.

Over the next several months the two dated.  Danger would whisper sweet words in her ear in hopes that he would score.  Every date Octavia would kiss him sweetly as he dropped her off and told him that she had a great time.  She thought that what was developing between them was real.  She didn’t know that Danger just wanted to add her name to his list.


            Finally one night Danger put his foot in the door as Octavia tried to close it.  “Listen babe, we have been dating for a while.  How about you invite me in for a night cap?”

Octavia didn’t see the harm and let him in.  Immediately he grabbed her and pulled her close.  He kissed her neck and rubbed his check against hers.  His charms finally worked and that night they were together.

The next morning he played the caring boyfriend and when she had to work he left with the plan of not seeing her again, because that is what he did, right?

When she got home from work that night she dialed Danger’s number.  She had been on cloud nine the whole day and she just wanted to hear his voice, but he didn’t answer.  She thought it very curious, but didn’t let herself worry about it.  Instead she called Misty and told her all about her previous evening.  Misty, didn’t approve of Danger but she wasn’t going to rain on her friend’s parade and just allowed her to talk and provided the needed “uhhuh’s and hmmhmm’s” when needed.

Days, then weeks then months passed and it hadn’t taken Octavia long to realize that Danger had been only after one thing and now that he had gotten it she as no longer needed in his life.  He didn’t return her calls and when they saw each other around town he would engage in pleasant conversation, but then quickly get it out of by saying he had to run.

When Octavia began to feel ill she went to the doctor’s and she found out that her one time with Danger had resulted in a consequence.  She was pregnant.  She couldn’t believe it and ran to Misty’s house.  Misty hugged her and told her she need to tell Danger.  Together they called him from Misty’s phone and he answered.

“Hello?”  His voice revealed that he didn’t recognize the phone number.

“Danger it is Octavia.”

“Oh hey kid, I can’t talk right now. I have …. “

“Danger I’m pregnant and you are the father.”  She blurted.

There was a brief pause.  “Well that is great.  Good luck with that kid.”  He hung up the phone.

Octavia never was a lucky Sim and this situation was no different.


            Misty, who made her living as a farmer, decided to help Octavia start a garden.  Having fresh fruits and vegetables was going to be good for her through her pregnancy and it would be good for the baby/child as they grow up.

Octavia was very blessed to have Misty and Kyle in her life.


            Misty was over just about every day, it seemed, helping Octavia out and she assured Octavia that she would be there when the time came.  She made sure Octavia was eating right and she expressed words of encouragement when Octavia felt she couldn’t do this.  She was even there when Octavia had to call home and tell her folks.

Finally, after two days in the Riverview hospital, Octavia had a brand new baby boy.  She called him Pax, which is from the Latin Origin meaning Peace.


            The day she brought him home she stood on the front porch looking out at Riverview.  She was Twenty years old, single with a new baby.  What was she going to do?  How was she going to do this?

Is Danger as bad as he seems?
Will Octavia make a good mother?

The next chapter is 1.5 it is more geared to older readers as it will be a detailed telling of what happened the night she and Danger were together.  It will also show more of Danger’s point of view.

Stay tuned……..